August 8, 2021

  • neilwilkes

    Even if the mainstream are correct (which is a bloody big ‘if’) then not only would Net Zero make absolutely no difference whatsoever tro temperatures by the IPCC’s own figures, what in the name of all seven hells can beaurocrats or government ministers actually DO about it?
    Given that so far Big Government has been utterly unable to sort out ANY problems whatsoever, how does anybody think that more laws and restrictions on personal liberties is actually going to help?
    Governments cannot stop the ongoing excursion – King Cnut proved this back in the early medieval period in England when he proved that Kings do not have divine power (which was in fact his entire purpose in this little farce) by unsuccessfully shouting at the surf in the English Channel. Damned lucky not to have his name worse mis-spelled than Canute, really!

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