August 28, 2017

  • SPS

    Great video Ben. In our skies, it’s all about the Bz, eh? Here are some thoughts on possible “mechanisms” for atmospheric pressures:
    (imo) “precipitating electrons” or charged plasma or cosmic/galactic rays would seed the atmosphere with Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN) – thus increased cloud production, (per Svensmark’s work} -in areas of the globe where Atmospheric Water Vapor is the highest. This may determine where a low would develop and/or strenghten.
    CCNs can only be useful in areas with ample water vapor present; dry air just causes these charged particles to plunge to the surface.
    Maybe those CCN particles hitting the ground would have another affect on surface conditions or living things?
    The resulting cloud cover would shade any underlying atmosphere from incoming solar radiation, thus the air beneath a cloud layer
    would cool, condense, shrink, and collapse (during low solar winds this would be increased due to Atmospheric Compression Events),
    -this, causing the air pressure to drop and the whole mess would fall towards the ground as downdrafts and precipitation.
    The opposite would be in play for high pressure, correct? When there is no water vapor in a certain area of the globe (due to winds and jet streams) the incoming CCN ‘building blocks’ don’t have any moisture to build upon them, thus no water droplets. The sky stays clear, and incoming solar radiation can enter all the way to the ground level and causes increased atmospheric pressures in those dry, cloudless areas. The resulting high and low pressures then have to do a dance of ‘equalization’ at their respective Convergence Lines and then you still have Mother Natures’ winds and jet-streams pushing the whole “fruit salad” around. 🙂 …just some thoughts brother. Be well, and thank you for all of your guidance and instruction over these past 5 years.

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