August 24, 2019

Part 2:

– Earth surface and core co-rotate… despite their separation by the mantle.
– The core jerks affect surface rotation, so do major solar storms… and we believe the biggest flash of all will combine them.

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  • Caroline5765

    It seems that every corner you look, there is a chain reaction. Thank you for the upload.

  • Woody

    What is the possibility when the sun goes micronova that H2O is part of the process? It creates all the elements, why not compounds as well? Could explain all the water we have, and all the ice on the the other planets / moons.

  • Joningham Farms

    This also makes me wonder to just what extent the geomagnetic poles are guiding or being guided by the core rotation, such tight super-rotation suggests there could be far more direct coupling than previously thought.

    On a related note, in the scenario presented in the catastrophe movie, just what sorts of plasma instabilities in the core or greater earth circuit do folks imagine could be possible as the poles come together before rebounding apart? The energy present in that collision is going to be phenomenal, and I kind of feel like that may just be the most devastating moment for anything on the lithosphere.

  • davidwebster

    The Sun creates matter, including planets, planets create moons, Nebulas create stars and Galaxies create other galaxies and these all ride on the plasma filaments that connect everything together. This science is behind the ball and Ben has no idea that this is a fact. It is written in ancient text and I was given this information from a reliable source. The one source that this is all about. >:^D

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