August 21, 2020

  • neilwilkes

    It’s certainly fascinating what is being released, and there is more to come yet I feel.
    What will be interesting is how far they will go – are we going to get full disclosure or a limited hangout? (A ‘limited hangout’ is a term that was coined by the secret squirrel mob – see (yes, Wikipedia, I know but…) and I am most interested in where this will end up). My suspicion is that even if Trump wants to declassify some of this stuff, he is still at the mercy of his equivalent of the Civil Service, and they are all a bunch of lefty tossers in this country (UK) and probably similar the world over. This suggests to me that we will get a Limited Hangout rather than full disclosure (along with other clues).
    Another clue we are only going to get edited highlights is the fact Ben mentions in the piece above – no mention of Peratt or Alfven in an 88-page paper so either
    A – the authors were unaware of Peratt’s classified work due to the way SAP (Special Access Projects) work with their endless compartmentalization, or
    B – somebody does not want those names mentioned or even talked about.
    (there is always of course the third option – I am totally cynical & paranoid, and need medication)

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