April 28, 2017

Deeper Look – Episode 34 (2017)

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  • john mallary

    And these people think we’re the evil ones…Cowardly green meanies!

  • XaviarThunders

    I understand the human condition of “This is all I have ever been taught so everything else is wrong”, however I just cannot fathom a dogma being so passionately held that counter-view instills violence.

    We are sadly living in times where scientists no longer care about discoveries, just reinforcing beliefs; and reporters no longer care about reporting facts unless it supports their world view.

    The last random thought I had about this story: Had someone been shot and killed, the story would be about gun violence.


    • Gaia

      Very true, Xaviar.

  • Happystrings

    Ben, This would be a good one to release to the public. How insane that the scientific ‘community’ has stooped to death threats.

  • Mitch Bloodworth

    This is a way to cause a stir with your first article/opinion piece


  • Dan C

    This is purely for philosophic discussion not intent or personal opinion as this particular incident would truly qualify as ecoterrorism with all the various ways this situation highlights actions that would be negative to proving any theory and as such this type of action itself is cowardly, not even reasonable. In the event of real pollution and the various ways right now that types of deregulation, economic and social corruption are and may lead to an increase in negative consequences, wouldn’t it be expected that there would be increase in incidents of violent reprisals. I expect people to take sides based on which propaganda you prefer but wouldn’t a person who feels threatened by abuse react with the same carelessness of life as those who would do on to them. the appropriate response is a democratic process in our republic, but then of self preservation one can imagine many will resist especially in times when war power can be used so politically as they have for 16 years.

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