April 27, 2020

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  • VisitingProf

    Dear Ben and all other dedicated ‘Observers,’ Please see, read, review, and Deeply Contemplate my comment on your April 25, ’20 Deeper Look episode. The seventh comment – yes, it is long and there is a whole lot of ‘Food for Thought’ within that one.
    Geometrically speaking our Solar System reportedly travels ‘above’ to its approximate zenith, then below to its approximate nadir and then back ‘upward’ into alignment with our galaxy’s equatorial plane over the course of 25,840 Earth years. Just shy of 26,000 years! Due to the as yet not entirely certain shifting motions within the cosmos, these numbers may require some modification. Also, we have to consider the wavy, undulating ‘Galactic Current Sheet’ thus, “No Man (or Woman) knows the exact Hour” – courtesy of St. John of Patmos.
    Ben, please keep your eyes open within your ‘Research group’ emails because I hope and intend to send more details to you there. One other topic for a comment, for nearly four decades now I have questioned the ‘Carbon-14 Dating’ theory. Mostly in the following way – “How can we say that C-14 radioactivity decays at a known and constant rate over the course of centuries or millenia?” Meanwhile, I do not wish to ‘Throw that baby out with the bath water” as the old expression goes. Because I do believe there is considerable merit to one remark I made earlieer, months ago while you were discussing another ancient site, perhaps it was Gobekli Tepi, although it could have been elsewhere – maybe in the Americas. (P.S. Goodness gracious the internet appears to have blipped out here for about one half of a second! There are several ‘crews” scurrying to bring Fifth Generation internet service to this mountainous area and they are just outside of our front door here, so?? Me personally, I have no need for and zero interest in being able to download a full length feature movie in less than 4 to 5 seconds. I would rather go for a 4 to 5 hour walk on a trail through the forests.) The remark? ‘Follow the Isotopes.’ I believe this is a valid concept although I assure you, I would not “Bet the farm” one one and only one isotope. Thank you for considering these words. Sincerely, Dr. Woo!

  • reddog

    Shalom everyone,
    I’m new to this area of the site, I’ve been following Ben for a number of years. I now have time on my hands, so to speak. I have some interesting views on the 25,840 years, but that’s my view. If C-14 radioactivity decays at the same rate then my hypothesise holds but if that changes, then my hypothesise has to change.

    Kind regards

    • VisitingProf

      Ciao Reddog,
      The entire subject matter is so very complex and now – even more so. Ben is making a great case for the concept that underlying or ‘surpassing’ Einstien’s famous Equation: E = m x C (squared) there is ‘more.’ At any rate, (no pun or play on words intended) getting back to the recent episodes of “Deeper Looks,” if you would kindly share your views on the 25,840 years, most likely some feedback will ensue. And, since this commenter is not a physicist, It would be nice to hear your views on the C-14 radioactive decay. That item of science was one I questioned long ago due to having an intuitive sense that humans had been in existence for much longer then some ‘experts’ wanted us to believe. By the way, said ‘experts’ were not all scientists, although some were. Most of them were claiming to have “The Truth” yet they continually contradicted one another. One did not need any sort of advanced education to formulate questions. It could have been during High School Biology and Chemistry classes that my earliest doubts arose. For a very long time I have followed the advice ‘think for yourself,’ and naturally doing so has afforded me a considerable collection of conundrums. Oh well, the gardens are calling and Stalking The Wild Asparagus, by Euell Gibbons is a book which I am still learning. Be well and may peace be with you also. Au Revior – Doc.

  • Fire302

    Thank you Ben.

  • a_v759@icloud.com

    Ben is has come a long way in the last few years. Why? He is looking for fact and not propaganda.

    One has to look no further than Göbekli Tepe to figure out that something weird is afoot with recorded history. It is clear that every so often, something happens. I am not sure what happens, but something worthy of building a site like GT and then covering it with dirt happened. Imagine that, building something that epic, tapping a keg, cover it up with dirt and then disappear into history. Sorry, that doesn’t pass the smell test of what a rational people would do…Unless they saw/knew something we can’t see or know yet.

    The sun is the biggest thing we see every day, what wouldn’t IT be the reason why those that built GT are nameless and faceless.

    Enjoy your work Ben, keep it up!

    • Chris

      I don’t think I’ve heard this explicitly stated. If there is an aspect of the Catastrophic cycle that affects Earth’s axial tilt, sending the oceans racing across the continents, this is exactly what may have buried Göbekli Tepe. The Catastrophic cycle answers so many questions raised by Impactor theories discussed by Carlson and Hancock. This aspect of the Catastrophic cycle is so challenging to our small fragile existence, I don’t think we can tolerate much analysis before the mental processes are literally shut down by our biochemistry. One other aspect of the Catastrophic cycle that may answer this is the shell compression event. Where massive discharges of energy displace solid and fluid layers of the crust, this may also send tides racing across the continents. Ben’s discussions are just beginning to introduce this concept.

      • VisitingProf

        Hello Chris, I agree with you in that Ben’s work provides us with scientific explanations and answers to many of the stories which can be found the entire world over. Oops, I probably ought to have written ‘worldwide.’ 🙂 As to Gobekli Tepi having been covered over in the midst of a catastrophe cycle, well yes. That makes a whole lot more sense than, “They built this fantastic monumental site and then later, for some reason somebody came along and buried it all under a virtual mountain of dirt and rocks.” Why on Earth would any group go to such lengths to hide a site like that? It seems Ben spoke words to this same effect in one of the FOTW conversations, and I agree. As to ‘mental processes becoming shut down by our biochemistry,’ well – that’s a deep subject. Currently most peoples’ diets are so far removed from those of centuries ago. Sadly we are by and large very thinly nourished and undeniably poisoned by ‘Big Biz,’ etc. Then there are the chemicals which many people lather up with and then slather on their skin, and even into their hair. Further, in so many many places – homes, stores, and busineses people utilize fragrances – often derived from petroleum!. (Most ‘fragrances’ fall into the group or class of chemicals called ketones. The ketones must be processed predominately by our livers which have a considerable yet finite capacity.) I write ‘by and large’ regarding peoples’ biochemistry because this doesn’t apply to everybody. Sadly many, many people would much prefer to retreat into some comfortable and cozy corner with a book, a ‘pad’ (as in IT – Information Technology) or whichever other diversion they prefer. In the meanwhile there are some of us with the resilience and courage to look at these possibilities straight on. This is most likely a rather small group, oh well.
        Further, there are a few persons such as Ben who have the courage and passion to ‘get the message out.’ This remaining group is most likely very, extremely small. Okay, so please choose not to pollute your own body with fragrances and after a while you can get to know what you really smell like. By the way Chris, I do not believe I know you and the preceeding comment is not directed at any specific person. Another comment, whenever I spend time down in the swampy flatlands – during the early mornings I can get a sense (a whiff) of whether or how much ‘stratospheric aerosol injenctions’ have been done, recently. Yes, that crud does indeed make its way down to ground level. I guarantee it. Because I was born in and spent most of my life in such areas – I can smell the difference! Some days there is little if any ‘SAI’ discernible, and on other days there is alot of it in the air. ‘Senses wide open. Courage Up!’

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