April 16, 2017

Deeper Look – Episode 32 (2017)

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Not familiar with the similarities between earthspots and sunspots? Click Here.

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  • Caroline5765

    Woah, this was a deeper look for me for sure.

  • Albert J Nunez

    Drill Down Little Sun Spot,
    Drill Down

  • Catherine MacDonald

    Quite interesting! There seems to be no end to verification of “As above, so below” these days. Thanks for the share, Ben!

  • carlos

    thanks for the follow up Ben.

    Carlos from Costa Rica


    For Some Reason… I guess the way heat and stratification and changing lattice structures the Fourth Phase concept keeps trying to fit in the picture. Cant quite put my finger on it but somewhere between stratification and transmutation of any element goes through phase shifts involving magnetic flow characteristics seem to fit in somewhere within the changes we observe. Idont know but it is just something within processes and how molecules align. Billy R

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