April 11, 2018

Deeper Look – Episode 42 (2018)


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  • Caroline5765

    Here we go is right, one wonders what effects this is going to have on health. Seems I can almost hear the increase in ambulance sirens now.

  • erectusmaximus

    I go out 2 or 3 on morning in north central Phoenix and it’s like twilight predawn out. Sky is light whitish blue. Not black over the chemtrailed areas. I’m assuming it’s the urban sprawl increase in lighting reflecting off all the aerosols in the atmosphere. You can drive outside town and it all returns to the black of night . Over the last 5 to 6 yrs My sleep is completely disrupted as I feel very hot like you do when in an MRI machine for testing only much more intense. 75 in my house and I still must have a floor or ceiling fan blowing on me. Cosmic rays cooking me idk I just feel more charged up snan connected to the electrical vibes of th.ed earth. I’ve worked outdoors since 1992 so I’m always exposed. Cheers Ben just joined few days ago.

  • Dirk Mullikin

    I heard you mention DNA, knowing that cosmic rays do cause damage to the RNA, and DNA resulting in mutations or cellular death, is it possible that R&D in CRISPR-cas9 and cas13 will be able to fix the damage? It would be a tremendous undertaking as each cure would be on a personalized basis. Side note, the higher temperature of the combustion of fuel in the workings of jet engines used by most aircraft these days causes mostly condensation of atmospheric water vapor into the contrails seen streaking the sky immediately following the flight of said aircraft. Spent fuel mixed with the vapor surrounded by lower temperature is the only chemical processes witnessed, not government or commercial sprayed chemicals as some believe, it those entities were doing as much as some people believed, we would all be dead, or dying and not living as long as we are. Most of my life I have been healthy and have lived by Air Force bases and airports. I wish more debunking of government plots of chemtrails would intensify. I admit there have been some chemical use in the atmosphere most has been cloud seeding and I cannot see the danger with most applied uses. There have been some that are or have been unethical but once the bad results became apparent it stopped

  • laurie

    @erectusmaximus- I am in central Phoenix, so I never see a black sky at night, but indeed, I DO feel like I cannot cool down, even when inside with ceiling fans cranking and AC blowing…its like a heat penetrating thru my skin that cannot be relieved….and I DON’T work outside. In fact, I stay inside as much as I possibly can. Interesting to hear of someone with a similar experience…I just thought it was me…Thanks for sharing.

  • Lltvajaz8

    It seems more tracking of Solar irradiance. Is require going forward through 24th solar Minimum. What is a dangerous level to safe level. Compare that with levels experienced by the astronauts and just recently the female astronaut that spent a Year in space. Congrats smart & Brave or May it prove to be dangerously foolish? What her status due to solar and comic radiation. Inquiring minds want to know.

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