April 1, 2022

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  • Zeuxis6

    What about Earth Jupiter Neptune happening toda? #jupiter + #neptune #conjunct in #pisces ~ this beautiful alignment hasn’t happened in 166 years

    • John Mallary

      It’s root in astrology is a subjective association. Last time was just before the US civil war so kinda like Nostradamus and his predictions, or Q-anon for that matter, many instances of astrologies interpretations never come to pass as interpreted. Occasionally there are what could be viewed as prophetic or coincidental, depending on perspective and of course, belief.
      As for your question, because of the rarity and infrequency of that particular alignment?
      There’s little data to support a human consciousness aspect, especially with such a warring race as ours.
      Human conflict is perpetual because of our nature.
      However there are many cultural and socioeconomic factors as well as resonant cycles that correlate with and could be invoked to explain significant humanitarian upheavals and their periodicities.
      Regardless of what forces are in play, it’s clear the shit’s about to hit the global fan. Whether just nature shaking up the ant farm or humanity loosing it’s cookies or both.
      So if you’re not prepared for disaster?
      I suggest that become priority one whilst there’s still time and opportunity. The ants told the grasshopper to go fuck himself as the fall snow fell.
      Survival will cause those prepared to be the ants, and the unprepared to be tapping on the window glass of the prepped, begging for food and shelter. Which, of course, would compromise most who’ve sacrificed resources, and endured ridicule for the decades leading up to today.
      At that point, those folks will shoot to kill. Because protecting one’s family’s chances of survival, in the face of the threat of plunder?
      It’s not even a question of “if”.
      It’ll be shoot first, and don’t even bother asking questions later. Just how deep to dig the grave.
      That’s why I now live where it’s an over 100 mile round trip to the grocery store, with a garden bigger than most suburban yards, house footprint included!
      I’ve only so much I can share and that goes to my family first.
      This kind of writing is my contribution to the grasshoppers today. No offense intended…today.

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