September 7, 2021

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  • DBeane

    Howdy Ben
    This has nothing to do with the above clip, but I did not want to post this on You Tube for obvious reasons.

    Here is what I was thinking: Is it possible for you to set up a “Donation” oriented way of still getting your books and clothing out to people? I have seen this done in other places and many have a minimum donation range for certain products due to costs to generate. That way, we can still get and proudly wear the clothing, and also, your books will still be accessible as well. You can then still get the funds you need and at the same time offer once again your product line.

    Just a thought, but I thought it worth sharing especially if it is do able. You could set up a P.O. Box and only accept checks or money orders to avoid the on line “record” of payments (small business B.S.). I know it creates a bit more hassle, but in the end, you get your funds and we get to continue to enjoy your books and clothing.
    Love to you and your beautiful family,

  • Bad Lam

    Thank you for all your work and efforts to teach us all.

  • Lonestar420

    excellent explanation, Mr Davidson, thanks partner

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you Ben.

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