November 7, 2018

Deeper Look – Episode 86 (2018)

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    thanks Ben, pretty cool to know

  • michaelsterling

    Fun stuff! Thanks for posting!

  • RoxanneSumners

    gotta love a good mystery!

  • Fire302

    Thanks Ben.

  • Neferkheperure

    On the NASA website it says : Where did it come from? ‘Oumuamua came into our solar system from another star system in the galaxy, but which one? Scientists observe that its incoming speed was close to the average motion of stars near our own, and since the speed of younger stars is more stable than older stars, ‘Oumuamua may have come from a relatively young system. But this is still a guess.

    Arthur C Clarke Rama comes to mind.

    • Laura2fly

      Cool stuff!

  • drwoodard

    You mentioning that it’s out going acceleration could be explained if it were a magnetic material made me remember my initial thoughts on why it didn’t produce any comet like outgassing even though it came from the strongly charged environment outside the system… If it is made of a very conductive material it would not be able to store a charge internally. So if it were made of something like iron, it would be magnetic and conductive.

  • Caroline5765


  • Gaia

    Fascinating stuff. But why would aliens bother to come all this way from another star system just to turn on their heels and go back again? Having said that, perhaps it’s a trial run… 🙂

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