November 27, 2018

Deeper Look – Episode 91 (2018)

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  • John Mallary

    I suspect that gamma bursts are actually the embryonic spark of stars…
    Just like a human egg, on a cosmic embilical cord.
    Also, I submit that until the actual mechanism of supernovae is detected, observed, verified and demonstrated as predictable?
    Our Sun could just as easily go supernova right now, as it could eons from now.
    If it is, as I suspect, a double layer collapse along a Birkeland current?
    You’d need a voltage spike…
    Like from a black hole jet, commencing to erupt from it’s soft chewy plasmoid center…
    After the obligatory three licks from a wise old owl of course!
    Or perhaps a concentration of dense matter, flowing along with the protons and ions at the center of a cosmic Birkeland current. Not quite enough to form a Z pinch just yet but cclose
    Imagine that encountering a star like ours?
    How fast would the SHTF?
    I suspect that were one to blink at the right time? One might miss it, … and retain their eyesight!
    So agreed, that little threat risk, definitely belongs at the back of the bus.
    I vote pole flip, with all the trimmings!
    You’d get everything but the gamma bursts.threat

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