November 18, 2021

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  • Frieza2000

    Cerro Ballena is only 25m above sea level, and not too far from the ocean (27°02’31.51″ S, 70°47’42.18″ W). They do suspect there are more boneyards further inland, but I’m not seeing anything about them being up in the Andes. Am I missing something? The fact that there’s layer upon layer of them mashed together with the bones of seals and walruses and that they were not scavenged still points to the disaster cycle, but the location of the site doesn’t seem remarkable.

  • kofiman

    I was thinking that the skeletons at the site were the result of cataclysms as well. Especially when you realize that land may rise and fall, depending on the jostling of the tectonic plates, not to mention the variation of the topography between the crust and the outer mantle during crustal rotation.

  • Edward Rutland

    Ben you are a blessed treasure. Stay safe ❤️

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