January 8, 2021

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  • Lonestar420

    Hang on Mr Davidson,, are you saying the stronger magnetic field has been dimming our inherent power, and now its coming alive so to speak? I was wondering where the precognition was coming from, this is very ethereal, my goodness it makes sense when organisms are stressed they can perform pretty neat results. great work as usual, i was hoping the meditation and fasting were gonna work, but hey i’m up for a booster shot of awesomeness

  • jreldon

    The new energy may reset the array and relative strengths of the chakras. When the brain-mind loses functionality the heart-mind will gain it and become more central to our perception and cognition.

  • VisitingProf

    Hello to Ben and all. In this episode of your “Deeper Looks” you ‘ve touched upon one of the areas of both Studies and Experience with which I am rather well versed! As Mr. J. Prather frequently says in his you-tube videos: “Boys are born, Men are trained.” Note to all of the wonderful ladies who regularly frequent these comment sections – I am no misogynist. It just happens that I am quoting a former military man. So, please do not throw any sexism- oriented negativity toward me! It will not apply, and will probably be ignored! To Mr. (or Ms.) ‘Lonestar420’ – first, the precognition you are experiencing is a part of your inherent capability! Be thankful because it may someday save your life. Perhaps it already has saved your life and you could have no way of knowing that. Every person has these capacities to varying degrees, yet the actual expression (ie. – experience) of same can be unsettling. It seems that among the volumes of information that Ben brings our way each day varies accross a rather wide spectrum of subjects and this can be enlivening.

    Remember the saying about a mind being like a parachute? Folks, please open your minds now. Getting back to Mr. Prather’s statement, over thirty years ago a dear friend told me about certain capabilites, and that he would, with my agreement, assist me in understanding and developing same. He told me that I was born with the same or similar capabilities, and that if I chose to, I could develop those capabilites. That man was a Naturopathic Doctor and he had been to the UK to study and attain that degree. He said that several years prior to going to the UK he had been taught by an older woman about being able to directly sense, or somehow perceive, areas wherein another person was experiencing a problem. My friend suggested that I do certain things while keeping my mind and senses open and I could thus develop these capabilities. Well, now, more than 30 years later I know that he was essentially correct. There are many dozens of people who I have helped with various problems, and much of that success – although not all of it, was furthered by the things I learned from that man decades ago. Because this involved true health care I am prevented by HIPPA ( a Federal Law) from giving any names or much further details.

    Returning to the article featured in this episode of ‘Deeper Looks’ – Thank You to Ben for making this presentation. The gentlemen, Ikeya and Woodward, who have done the research and written the article could learn a tremendous amount by studies of various leaders in the field of Traditional Oriental Medicine! Because of where the research was done and the sort of research they are doing it is likely that they already have been exposed to some of that information. I have just finished reading this “Press Release” about the article, however I have not yet read the entire article. Doing so could have an impact on, or possibly change, some of the comments which follow. Certainly, magnets can and many thousands of times have been used to aid in healing work. Magnets are frequently utilized to stimulate Acupuncture points. Most of the time, the magnetic strength of such magnets is rather low, however precise levels of micro-teslas or perhaps milli-tesla applied vary depending on the circumstance. Very strong magnetic fields can cause unwanted (adverse) effects. (This, by the way, is one of several reasons that it is not in anyone’s best interest to wear headphones for extended lengths of time, and this probably also applies to ‘earbuds.’) Also, the research was done with human “cervical cancer” cells. Therefor, these are Not “normal” cells. Accordingly, their activity may also not be “normal.” Ben could likely add more to this because of his earlier work in medical research. In general, at some stage Cancerous cells often become develop excessively faster than normal metabolic activity. This detail could be an important factor that might affect the findings of the research, and in turn also affect the applicability of these research findings to “normal” cells.

    Note: None of this commentary represents any medical or other ‘health care’ advice. It is offered solely for information purposes. Thank you.

  • bry0sb

    Maybe we are actually heading into the 4th dimension, wouldn’t that be exciting! Open minds leads to endless possibilities, boy am I tried…..Thanks for another great episode 🙂

  • John Henderson

    Wow. This must also apply to viruses. Could this be applicable to the changes to the common cold coronavirus to become Covid 19

  • Allan

    Thus the attack on the pineal gland. Calcification of the nervous system will prevent the use of these higher frequencies. It already does. It’s why we (majority of people) do not act on information.

    And if people (beings) have survived each time, 12000BC was a time someone said, “Hey, what do you want to do this time?”
    If we survived, the tech survived. At least the blueprints survived, and it doesn’t take 120000 years to get to where we are today… not with drawings.

    I can’t imagine we got stupid again and again, after every cyclical event, back to square one so to speak. This is why when Hollywood, thought the wonderful Richard Grant, says…

    “History, Tradition, Culture are not concepts. These are trophies I keep in my den as paper weights.”

    they obliquely confirm that the reason we trust to statute rather than tribe is because we have always been on the shelf in someone’s den.

  • Arcburn

    Amazing, thank u Ben, if that doesn’t give people hope to see that there is light in us all then I don’t know what will. Eyes way open, no fear, be safe, keep up the awesome work.

  • Just me

    Magik never went away. The truth is in us.

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