January 21, 2021

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  • efarmstrong

    I’m thinking of some sort of anchorage effect done by the large seduction plates of the pacific, in special those sinking close to the mantle “internal structures” that may determine the direction of the core till. Besides the 90 degrees, I suggest ad the eventual bulge effect of the equatorial border due to rotational spin, this will lower the elevation of new landmasses on northerly latitudes and elevate the equatorial ones.

  • YugaSage

    The New Valley of the Sun is sounding more and more appealing every day. I can see Ben why you and your family chose there. I would like to move there but home ownership in Colorado has just gone off the charts. I actually do have a really good chance of getting a job in the Springs area with my employer so there may be hope yet I can get there before this goes down.

  • Lonestar420

    Thank you Mr Davidson, i’m a big fan of these types of scenarios you are presenting on your best guess to the topography changes, and how to get a good look at the physical changes there of, makes it less theoretical to me. thanks buddy, take care

  • ElementOrange

    So why do we think that the tilt will happen in the direction of the ~30 deg longitude line? That’s a pretty specific bit of timing to nail down on a spinning globe. A few hours, either earlier, or later might have it tilting on a very different longitudinal line

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload and insight of possibilities.

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