December 17, 2020

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  • Frauleen

    Cycles within cycles, kind of like biorhythyms….Eventually, the various cycles are going to converge, osit.

  • Graylok

    Thanks Ben, more good news then.

  • Allenvaughan

    I hope this us in your new book, Ben.
    This is the ABSOLUTE BEST set of “A Deeper Look” videos, ever. Thank you!!

    One historical point: 3000 years ago….
    When you study Western Civ, and in particular what happened around 1000 BCE, you see where every civilization in andcaround the Mediterranean COLLAPSED. There are many references to “the sea peoples” as the root cause. Around this time we also have documented mass migrations out of the steppes of Russia, into what is now Persia proper (i.e., Iran, Iraq, snd all of the ” ‘stans” in that area. I believe that some historians claim independently that their research shows other migrations from the north and into the Indus Valley area of about the same tine. And at that point the “Avestan” (Persian) and the “Vedic” (India) made their official split from one another. The theory is that cold and a change to a dry climate- thus creating famine smog these tribes forced their migrations south. Very interesting, Ben. Very interesting.

  • doug

    Ben, Thank you for your thoughtful analysis/consideration of our earth-home. Finding patterns, flipping switches. I do agree, it is “up n down and screwy” 🙂

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload Ben.

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