August 14, 2021

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  • silvermitt

    Interesting how various scenarios can be explored and yet the authors did not do so. Science is about exploring options; Testing ideas. Current science environments seems to be lacking questioning minds and is filled with greedy Yes men.

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you Ben, the cub event is interesting, but I always seem to question the methods used to determine age for some reason.

  • amommamust

    Occam’s razor is great for shaving away bullshit.

    • BowHunter8


  • Frauleen

    I agree with your sibling theory. With the fur intact, wouldn’t they be able to do DNA analysis to determine whether they were related? Their conclusion that cubs were 20k years apart made my eyes roll. This is a smoking gun find if willing to think outside the jumping the gun isotope box. Thanks Ben.

  • Mrs. Altmann

    bs”d very revelatory talk bringing into question the efficacy of isotope dating…. could change the whole hsitory of the world…

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