August 13, 2021

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  • Frauleen

    Why arent you including the Arctic basin’s volcanism as a source of heat melting Arctic ice (uptick in seismic activity noted in 1998-99) ?Look @ Laptev sea and SSTA in current models, which is @ terminal end of the Galkel Ridge. You’ve connected the poles’ influx of protons from solar wind, which would suggest a catalyst for increase in seismic activity and volcanism AND most importantly, Arctic warming from the heat being released from the sea floor.
    This is, to me, one of the major links between the Sun and ocean warming. This connection solidifies your theory of Sun driven climate change, and would be a knock out punch for the CO2 clowns.
    Please check out Edward Kamis has compiled a wealth of information, from his 40+ years as a geologist. He hypothesizes this under-considered trend in what is transpiring on sea floors and underneath Greenland glacier as a predominant factor in ocean warming, circulation changes and climate change. He, too, focuses on this research to denounce AGW “science”.
    I often wonder how awesome it would be for the two of you to connect and share theories to increase the clout in your voices in opposition to anthropogenic climate change.
    He could be an important ally with his expertise in the field of geology, submarine volcanism and plate tectonics. While Kamis dismisses the Sun’s effect, I suspect that is due to the solar irradiance non-effect and not the other effects you are bringing to light.
    Eartquake watch IS your common ground with Kamis. Please consider bringing him into the fold to increase your “arsenal”.

  • neilwilkes

    I agree with the above as well, especially in light of the 92 known undersea volcanoes at the Antarctic as well, slap bang underneath the part that is ‘melting’.

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