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The Climate is Changing Unexpectedly – #1

The Global Warming Pause:
Forbes Article:
NASA Data Shows Pause/Ice:
Volcano Under Antarctica:
NOAA Data:
Recent Temp Graph:
US 2014 Temps:
US Coldest Year 2014:
2000 Years of Data:
Model vs Reality:
Failed Predictions:
73 Failed Models:
New World Snow Record:
August 2014 Climate Update:


It Is Difficult to Trust What You Hear – #2

Brulle Funding Stats: PDF called “Institutionalizing delay: foundation funding and the creation of U.S. climate change counter-movement organizations”
Bias in Climate Reports:
Fiddling with Temp Data:
Skeptic Bought and Paid-For:
US Fed Climate Expenditures:
IPCC History Lesson:
NOAA/NASA Changed Data:
Climategate 2.0:
BOM Changed Data:
Paraguay Temp Data Changed:
Lennart Bengtsson:
John Coleman:
John Christy:
Christian Schluchter:
Climate Coverup:
Adult Bullying:
Data Censorship:
More Censorship:


The Future is Uncertain – #3

Landscheidt on Future:
Sea Study Says Cooling:
Trends Point to Ice:
Dr. Sircus:
11,000 Years of Temperature:
Antarctic Ice on CO2 and Temp:
Vostok Confirmation:


The Entire Solar System is Shifting – #4

Venus Winds:
Venus Rotation:
Mars Warming:
Jupiter Stripe:
Red Jr:
Jupiter Radio Emission:
Saturn Superstorm:
Uranus Auroras:
Uranus Storms:


The Sun May Dictate Our Future – #5

We Didn’t Understand the Relationship:
Solar Influence Underestimated:
Pre-2012 Sun/Climate Papers:
NASA on Sun/Climate:
Sun has Strong Climate Influence:
Cosmic Rays and Lightning:
Solar Wind and Lightning:
Solar Activity, Earth’s Rotation, Climate:
Effect on Meteorological Phenomena:
Atmospheric Circulation Influence:
Lower Troposphere Influence:
Upper Atmosphere Influence:
Lower Atmosphere Influence:
Influence on Atmospheric Pressure:
Geomagnetic Field Changes Influence Climate:
More on GeoMag and Climate:
Winter Temperature Influence:
Greenland Sea Influence:
ENSO Influence:
Monsoon Influence:
Arctic Ozone influence:
Mag Field on Atmosphere Influence:
More Mag Field on Atmosphere Influence:
Another Mag Field on Atmosphere Influence:
+11,000 years of Sunspots:
TSI Chart:
Ionosphere Coupled with Stratosphere:
Sun’s Bizarre Activity May Trigger Ice Age:
Strange Doings on the Sun:
Solar Wind Loses Power:
Solar Activity Headed for Lowest Low in 4 Centuries:
Sunspot Cycle Irregularities:
Sunspots Could Soon Disappear:
Grand Min Coming:


Someone is Screwing With the Weather – #6

Governance Initiative:
Corporate Example:
Project StormFury:
Secretary Cohen:
S0 Geoengineering Page:
CIA Article:


BONUS – Blinkered Thinking in Academia