I may have a law degree but I hate creating complexity. I’ll keep this simple:

We need to hit our goal in order to get the funding, so assuming that we are successful, here are some brief descriptions of the rewards.

“Name on the Observatory”
The names are guaranteed to adorn the vehicle for the first year of the project, barring an act of nature or vandalism/theft, and once on the vehicle, the names should remain there for at least one year to maintain the aesthetic nature of the outside-design. We are hoping to do this as long as we can, for much more than one year, and I am not going to take the names off just because we finish one year. I PLEDGE TO DO MY BEST TO KEEP THOSE NAMES ON THE VEHICLE FOR ITS ENTIRE USEFUL LIFE – I do NOT plan to offer this reward next year to “keep your place” or “take someone’s spot” or anything else like that. If you are on, you are on for as long as I can keep you on there.

“iPad Mini”
Plain and simple. Only 8 Available. On the back of the iPad will be engraved “Mobile Observatory Project Sponsor” and on line two, “Your Choice”. Wi-Fi version, 16GB. I also plan to put a unique serial number 1-8 on each, but will verify that with the individuals who have pledged.