Update: 7:15pm Eastern Time

There is not exactly ‘news’ but the situation has become more interesting. Flaring is still quiet. Solar wind is still quiet. Quakes are still quiet.

However, coronal hole power is sharply on the rise. The limb filaments are erupting and the two biggest filaments on the disk are turning toward earth. The sunspot situation continues to bely the quiet flaring. Check your local weather and expect a potential story from the sun soon.

Update: 2:45pm Eastern Time

Hey guys, new Fly on the Wall posted (ISON and Interesting Discussion) – go check them out.

Solar flaring is hitting the floor again. Quakes are hitting the floor. Coronal hole power looks weak, but the one coming in on the side is the strongest of a weak bunch.

If there are no changes to the low activity, I will continue to work on Starwater Chapter 2. If anything important happens I will provide updates; otherwise, enjoy the +60 minutes of new discussion on FOTW.