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Billy's ExperimentsElectricity, Plasma, Magnetism, Resonance


SunSeriesSupplement-4 – A short packet on learning more about the Sun.
Starwater – A look at life’s ingredients throughout the universe; stars as water factories; earth’s water; implications for life outside the earth.
Agenda 21 Counterstrike – A look at the UN Plan known as Agenda 21. An unbiased look at the facts, actors, plan, and the rumors.
Electric Earth and Sun – Exploring the Earthspots Hypothesis, the electric solar workings, earth’s electromagnetic systems, and general electric universe theory.
Humans and EM – Human health is tied to spaceweather, EM frequencies, sound waves and more. Our bodies operate in a number of electric ways, and we have electromagnetic capabilities you might have difficulty believing.

More Still…
October 2014 Update – General Updates from the month of October 2014, including shots from our visit with Dr. U-Yen.
Earth Changes Files – This page will have the shared content from the partnership with ECM.
Forums – Private forums for the 0bservers. There is good discussion, questions being asked and answered, and new rabbit holes being explored every day.
Geoengineering – Under Construction — Due to active disinformation efforts, we will only discuss this topic in private.

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