Conference Videos from Pittsburgh, PA (October 2015) and Phoenix, AZ (January 2016)

SECTION 1 – Ben Davidson & Dr. Kongpop U-yen – The Sun, The Earth, Natural Disaster Prediction Techniques, What Has Happened, and What May Come

How Close We Came

State of the Sun 2016


Natural Disaster Prediction Technique

Longitudinal Wave in Space

Magnetic Earth – The Most Important Topic of our Lifetime

State of the Earth 2016

SECTION 2 – August Dunning, David Talbott, Ben Davidson, Pierre Robitaille, Tony Rango – Space Weather on Mars, Electric Universe Evidence, Planets in Chaos, Problems in Physics

Space Weather on Mars

A Planet Crossed

Electric Geology – Scarred Granite

Mars Weather and Climate Modification by Solar Activity

Electrified Solar System

On the Corona and Chromosphere

SECTION 3 – Out of This World with Adrian Damico. Fast Radio Bursts, and a Unique Way of Looking at Issues in the Hunt for Extraterrestrials

Fast Radio Bursts

The Type V

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