Update: 3:24pm Eastern Time

Earthquake Condition Index: A-
Coronal holes: A- [Equatorial opening facing earth tonight] Sunspots: B+ [Major ramp] Spaceweather: B- [Waning disruptions] Planets: A to A+ [The inner planets are lining up]

Mid-Watch Updates: Over the past few weeks we looked at October 14-25 as a time of increased seismic activity and earthquakes. The seismic activity kicked in strong with a 7 magnitude earthquake in central America, but has waned since then with a weak coronal hole (a stronger one is on its way now). The flaring has been much more impressive. So far we have had 3 M flares and an X flare. The remaining significant planetary positions are 1) Solar eclipse October 23, 2014, and 2) Venus conjoins Sun October 25, 2014.