Update #3: 8:05pm Eastern Time

There is an earth-facing CME taking place now, likely associated with the minor C flare in progress. Analysis in the morning – it will not be of major concern.

Update #2: 6:30pm Eastern Time

ISON Chat Tomorrow: It should just appear like the videos do when I start the hangout. See you on YouTube or Google+, I believe you can access it either way. You do not need to be in any circles or groups, just watch for it to appear.

Earthquake Watch Score: 4… maybe. As long as the fields keep blocking the coronal holes and the power remains low, the waning planetary alignments and lack of space weather are not going to produce much… of course… those fields are quite dynamic aren’t they?

Solar Notes: Sunspots are back… but no flaring. Sunspot classification exercises in order this evening.

Update #1: 4:20pm Eastern Time

Honestly… is anyone surprised that ISON is censored now? If you are unaware, Lasco images are censored during big CMEs and sun diving comets- edited images will be back soon.
Click here to see SOHO censored
(Watch the timestamp)