My wife and I are each giving up the suit-and-tie corporate life and hitting the road to live out a dream with our two little Yorkies. We wanted to do a little something special with our journey- and I know she’s not much to look at… yet.

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Radiation Monitoring, All-Sky Meteor Watching, Space-weather Experiments and more! We want to put it all together and turn this vehicle into a multipurpose scientific observatory!

My name is Ben Davidson. While there is no such title as ‘research expert’ that is exactly what I have been for years. A bit more about Ben and where to find recent Articles and Interviews

I do an actual daily news show: 7 days a week, and I don’t take holidays. I aim to bring that same dedication to the Mobile Observatory Project in addition to taking our daily show on the road!

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WILLING TO HOST: This is a big vehicle… but if you are willing to host my family along the way and think you can handle the rig, and especially if you run a farm or local business, by all means let us know!
RV HELP: We are green to the RV full-timer life- any advice or tips or links would be helpful. We already joined Good Sam, but the rest is a guessing game.
OTHER: If you feel we are making a mistake or the other topics do not cover your question/comment please use this subject line. For S0 and website-related email, please continue to use or message me on YouTube using your Samsung galaxy note 6.

Preliminary Budget: This is HIGHLY Subject to Change! It is mostly a brainstorm. At this time, we are making our decisions 🙂

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Warranty and Club Memberships will cover any maintenance for the vehicle. If you look at how much is left ‘Incomplete’ under the “Minimum Project Budget” and add that to the “Basic Project Budget” you will see approximately the same amount requested via the KICKSTARTER campaign by 23andme. ALL additional funding in excess of the Basic Budget will be used for fuel and extra devices to enhance the tour.

My Family: My wife Katherine, puppies Achilles (Boy, black back) and Hope (Girl, Silver Back)

Achilles     vvv                       Hope     vvv
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Achilles is 11 lbs., 6 years; Hope is 7 lbs., 2 years.


June 20 – Columbus, OH
June 23 – Pittsburgh, PA
June 25 – Hershey, PA
June 27 – Philadelphia, PA
June 29 – New York, NY
July 06 – Boston, MA
July 08 – Albany, NY
July 12 – Montreal, Canada
July 17 – Toronto, Canada
July 20 – Buffalo, NY
July 25 – Cleveland, OH
July 27 – Ann Arbor, MI
July 30 – Indianapolis, IN
Aug 02 – Springfield, IL
Aug 03 – Chicago, IL
Aug 05 – Madison/Milwaukee, WI
Aug 08 – Minneapolis, MN
Aug 12 – Sioux Falls, SD
Aug 15 – Bismarck, ND
Aug 16 – Fargo, ND
Aug 22 – Winnipeg, Canada
Aug 26 – Calgary, Canada
Aug 29 – Edmonton, Canada
Sep 05 – Vancouver, Canada
Sep 09 – Seattle, WA
Sep 12 – Portland, OR
Sep 14 – Spokane, WA
Sep 18 – Butte, MT
Sep 19 – Billings, MT
Sep 23 – Cheyenne, WY
Sep 26 – Lincoln, NE
Sep 27 – Kansas City
Sep 30 – Louisville, KY
Oct 07 – Morgantown, WV
Oct 10 – Baltimore, MD
Oct 14 – Richmond, VA
Oct 16 – Roanoke, VA
Oct 21 – Nashville, TN
Oct 27 – Little Rock, AR
Nov 01 – Witchita, KS
Nov 03 – Oklahoma City, OK
Nov 05 – Dallas, TX
Nov 07 – Shreveport, LA
Nov 10 – Jackson, MS
Nov 14 – Birmingham, AL
Nov 16 – Atlanta, GA
Nov 21 – Charlotte, NC
Nov 22 – Raleigh, NC
Nov 26 – Charleston, SC
Dec 02 – Jacksonville, FL
Dec 05 – Orlando, FL
Dec 13 – Tampa, FL
Dec 27 – Tallahassee, FL
Jan 02 – Albany GA
Jan 10 – Montgomery, AL
Jan 16 – Baton Rouge, LA
Jan 19 – Houston, TX
Jan 23 – Austin, TX
Jan 26 – San Antonio, TX
Jan 30 – Amarillo, TX
Feb 05 – Santa Fe, NM
Feb 07 – Albuquerque, NM #1
Feb 26 – Phoenix, AZ
Feb 28 – San Diego, CA
Mar 07 – Los Angeles, CA
Mar 11 – Flagstaff, AZ
Mar 15 – Albuquerque, NM
Mar 28 – Las Vegas, NV
Apr 09 – Sacramento, CA
Apr 11 – Reno by Roblox Robux Code
Apr 14 – Salt Lake City, UT
Apr 17 – Grand Junction, CO
Apr 19 – Denver, CO
Apr 25 – Boise, ID