Update: 6:07pm Eastern Time:

Earthquake Condition Index: C to C+
The coronal holes show no power. The spaceweather is calm. There is a minor geocentric geometry. Expect subdued earthquakes in general until the factors return, and it continues to appear that the next flaring uptick will occur in the 2nd week of June.

Funny story… So I went outside this morning and took a look at the dew on my deck – finding a yellowish brownish powder floating on every drop… all of them. At first I thought it might be bits of wood, but the same thing was found on my plastic containers and on my car. I’m thinking… “What did they put in the sky over my head?!” I grabbed a test tube, a scraper, and latex gloves… yes, gloves. As I am outside like a wanna-be-chemist trying to just get the water and tiny particles into the tube for testing – holding my breath so as not to contaminate it – a gust of wind comes by and a cloud of yellowish brown puffs off the pine trees next door… pollen. I had a quick look around to make sure nobody saw me and I calmly walked back into the house and laughed at myself. One of these days…