Update: 5:37pm Eastern Time

Let’s start with last night’s index:
“Earthquake Condition Index remains at C to C+ globally, but per last nights social media updates and today’s quake, the local* west coast index is B.”
*(South America-understood from context yesterday)

The world indeed sat there and watched Peru/Chile take over. HOWEVER, today we see the solar wind speed drop and tomorrow the next coronal hole arrives. It would be terrific if we were done for a while, but the Index raises to B for the globe, and B+ on the west coast of the Americas.

I see no cause for ANY solar concerns at the moment. No sunspot is capable of major flaring (X5 and up), and probably not even large (M5+) or medium-sized (M1+) flares. The filaments are releasing south or north, rather than equatorially, and are smaller than what we have seen many times this cycle. The current incoming coronal hole stream may arrive near the time the next coronal hole faces earth tomorrow – which could also herald the end of the solar wind speed drop 🙂