Update: 5:29pm Eastern Time:

Hi everyone! I want to make tonight’s news available to everyone so they can see Billy’s experiment. This page is not protected tonight, please feel free to share it 🙂

Earthquake Condition Index: B to B+
Coronal Hole stream possibly impacting now – coronal holes are geo-effective but not of the highest force. We are just days from the Mercury/Sun conjunction – which should push us back closer to A range. We never did get above A- (shared with B+) due to the coronal hole power diminishing — perhaps we will this time. The first portion of this extended watch time was somewhat disappointing, as we went from very low seismicity to having a 6.4 and 5 high-5M shakes in a few days.

What’s the line on Catherine M beating you all to you the punch sharing this in a YouTube comment? 🙂