Deeper Look – Episode 3

No fancy graphics, no citations… just my honest opinion on a vital topic – one that ends up rumbling through the minds of all the 0bservers at one point or another. I realize many of you are not going to like this video… but if you cannot recognize the truth here, then perhaps you are not really looking for the truth.

I gave only the oil example for how free energy would destroy our economy… but there is more:
-You can make gold with electricity and Mercury – that’s just one example – commodity prices collapse.
-You can build robots to do everything, leaving jobs as a thing of the past.
-You don’t need farmers, manufacturers, laborers… heck you might not even need lawyers.

You cannot unleash this on our society until we are ready… not just to be mature enough to handle the technology, but also to handle the massive shift in our way of life.