Update #3: 4:25pm Eastern Time

Earthquake Watch Score: B+
Factors: Geomagnetic Storm, Electron Flux, Planetary Geometry, Exiting Coronal Hole

Perhaps helpful:

A+  = 10
A    = 9
A-   = 8 to 9
B+  = 8
B    = 7 to 8
B-   = 7
C+  = 6
C    = 5
C-   = 4 to 5
D+  = 4
D    = 3
D-   = 2
E    = 1
E-   = 0

Update #2: 1:50pm Eastern Time

SPACEWEATHER SENSITIVITY STATEMENT: Here is what we have now- current coronal hole stream/geomagnetic instability, electrons rising near earth, high limb activity and eruptive potential. Headaches, heart attacks, seizures, strokes, and more have been associated by some with significant space weather events. See below, the electron flux – these levels are not high for an official storm, but the rapid rise is far faster than normal, even during event that hit storm levels.

Update #1: 10:15am Eastern Time

Megaspot DoppMegaspot Int

Megaspot is still on the limb and too far off to be properly diagnosed magnetically… sort of. We can see a high degree of complexity and there already appears to be significant complexion to a degree where delta spots are almost certain to exist. For more on some classifications beyond the magnetics, google: sunspot Zurich class.