Earth-Facing Solar Quiet – July 27, 2013:  Since late 2011 the solar shutdown witnessed by viewers in our community has only followed the earth. The NSO has discussed a mini Ice Age and recently [July 12, 2013] NASA data was interpreted similarly by ‘their experts’. In order heard: Suspicious0bservers, William Spann, Xaviar Thunders, Mr2tuff2.

Introduction to Electric Universe Geology – Michael Steinbacher:  We enter mid-sentence as Michael is laying it down.

Introduction to SAFIRE – Montgomery Childs: An introduction to a groundbreaking and semi-secret project.

“Turning of the Tide” & ISON Banter – August 1, 2013

The Present Solar Situation & other Topics – August 3, 2013

“WEED” by Dr. Sanjay Gupta – Opinions – August 10, 2013

WEED airs Sunday night, August 11, on CNN at 8pm EST

Earthquake Factors Brief Explanation – S0 1on1 – August 17, 2013

Comets (William Spann leads Discussion) – August 31, 2013