This is going to be the section that ties everything together and gives perspective to the scope of our research. The sun, the new electric universe theories, the weather, and the human body. We are indeed connected to the stars and to the essence of molecular interactions with one another.

Broad Overview – A Survey Topics Within This Area of Study

Two Ongoing Projects: The Center for Investigating Healthy Minds and the Global Consciousness Project, Featuring Scenes from “I Am HAARP

You decide where we go from here! Between May 27th and June 10th we will take suggestions on which direction to go next – health and space weather? placebos? gamma brain waves? This is YOUR premium content, tell us what you want to see. 🙂

-Ben (May 2014) David Hyde and Star0bserver made significant contributions to this update, and to building avenues of further study for this section.

October 2014 Infrasound Introduction:

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Magnetic Fields and Biology:
Brain Boost:
Blood-brain Barrier:
EMF and Vascular Calcification:;jsessionid=0cqKAJO23hBTNe8R7gzo.28
Quakes makes Infrasound:
Nuclear and Infrasound:
Infrasound and Humans (Review):
Vibroacoustic Disease:
Animals Detect Infrasound:
Infrasound and Anger: