This page will focus on a fact-based and logical approach to analyzing and combatting offenses to the natural world in the form of weather modification.

Unfortunately, this topic, one of the most important in our community and the world as a whole, is wrought with uninformed psychopaths wielding mega-phones, drowning out all the intelligent discourse. Many who find this page will already know a good deal about this topic, so please have patience through any sections that are a ‘review’ for you, and perhaps try to pick up something new the 2nd time around.

I believe weather modification is already underway, and I want it gone, so why do I not join with the hundreds/thousands of people already fighting online? For the most part, they don’t have the slightest clue what they are talking about. They sound insane… scream about chemtrails every time a plane flies overhead, and are pushing some of the worst fear mongering online.

I am keeping this page private because unfortunately those idiots with the loudspeakers are also the most vile, cruel, immature, and relentless group online… and we don’t need them ruining our examination. We will update this page periodically.

Video #1

Summary: The ability to affect the weather with our technology is real. Chemtrails are a common term for what the mainstream calls “solar radiation management” but the online community fears there may be other motives. The ability to modify not withstanding – the earth is currently avoiding a solar system shift WHILE taking human interference as well! With this in mind, we need to understand that chemtrails and geoengineering as a whole are NOT a wholly evil attempt to kill people and make bad weather — but it is not a good thing either (in my opinion), a point we will visit in later episodes. Most importantly, we presented here a method for determining high/low contrail activity conditions, and therefore a way to focus on dates/locations where there is no excuse to see trails in the sky.

Here is a sane 3-part article on ‘chemtrails’ that I find very informative.

Video #2

This video was originally meant to be made public, and hopefully someday it can be.

History of the NEXRAD Hoax:

Stanford VLF Group Click Here

Summary: HAARP is not the big secret the online community believes it to be – and has not been so secret for over a decade. Once the media, celebrities, and millions of people on the internet had access to the information, the real bad guys had already moved on to other technologies and locations, but happily allowed the dinosaur facility to remain the focus of all opposition to their attempts to control the planet. If we ever hope to do more than “feel good about ourselves” or chat with other like-minded folks online, we need to be more specific, more diligent, less sensational, and above all else… focused on the actual bad guys who are playing god TODAY. HAARP belongs in its historical context.

Here is a good example of the improper use of the term “HAARP”.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 4.00.33 PM

This image is found at here. It is part of a fearmognering piece featuring commentary from Nick Begich, a man who dances on fear almost as much as he fails to properly cite his sources. HAARP is auroral stimulation with high frequency emissions. There is no auroral electrojet over most of those facilities, and some do not even use the same technology as HAARP. The ‘Nexrads’ that people discuss don’t even come close to being similar technology, they are low frequency and are all now dual polar radars.

How do you hide in plain sight? You control information and perception… and then pray that the people you need to control take the bait.

Secret Military Ops   1                –             The Resistance   0

Unfortunately this image comes from a website that has a lot of good information, but also makes enough mistakes to contribute to the deterioration of any credibility the geoengineering opposition may have. Unfortunately, the first 3 or 4 results in google when you search for this information are hurting us more than helping us – and honestly how many people are going to make it further than that? The worst offender is ‘geoengineeringwatch’ – who is leading the way in making all of us sound insane.

Soil analyses across a representative segment of the land, ionosphere monitoring from multiple countries, FOIA requests, lake water screening … these things are not difficult for us to do.

Let’s try to win the next round, eh?