FOTW May 2, 2020

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    I am in NAZI Washington …. don’t even go there … we have 30 more days learn mandatory vs obligatory ….


    great topics fam, hope to see u soon

  • Vinny

    Driving down the roads and seeing children and senior citizens with masks on made me initially feel like I was on another planet
    – but then when I realized I was not, I began to cry. It is extremely sad to see – and it seems “the mask people” are now afraid of the fresh air outside. It is truly sad to go outside anymore.
    In the corner gas station that sells crack pipes, and skull bongs, the smelly indian owner said to me “Where is your mask?”
    I’m gonna call the police on you. I said call them.
    I’m just not gonna wear a mask in a gas station that sells crack pipes – it just ain’t gonna happen.
    We can’t hug each other anymore in public, go to church, or see anyone smile at us.
    I’m getting tired of rebreathing my carbon dioxide while I spend my money. I was doing just fine breathing fresh air. Now I have to rebreath my exhales while spending my hard earned money. Some rocket scientist at lowes was cleaning his counter – after each and every customer – like he was a hypo and we all had that Star Trek disease (the phage) which deteriorates the organs of the body.
    All the shoppers seemed as just normal as can be – except we were all being treated like crap
    by the all the stores we have to still spend our hard earned money in.
    Dont know how long I can take living like that.

    • davidwebster

      What you should have noticed across the nation. People are acting like herds of sheep. My doctor told me he is frustrated because he knows this is just a seasonal flu and everyone is believing the lies. People are going to be treated like cattle to make us be obedient slaves. Most do not realize it but we are living under Babylonian Money Magic Debt slavery system.

      What better way to have slaves if the slaves think they are free!!! We are not free people, we are being controlled much like Nazi Germany. It is logical as America took in 20,000 Nazi and melted them into our government. I see no way around this and I must not take the vaccine. I am shocked how people ignore what is happening and BELIEVE dang TV news..

      Forget the mask buddy, you will be forced to be tested and take vaccine. Do some diligent research please. It is a bit late for us to do a thing now. Gates has the entire world at this fingertips, to live or die. These people have no empathy for any life at all. Money and power/control is all they know. I know they are not human!!!! Call me crazy I do not care, I know for certain they are not human!

      Peace love and harmony while we can experience it. I am not religious, however I had a spiritual awakening 2016. Book of revelations in historical record we call the Bible. These guys are descendants of King David and King Solomon. Rothschild and Rockefeller are responsible for everything wrong in our world!!

      Banks, Pharmaceuticals, oil, medicine, AMA, Food/water supplies, etc. This is a time of getting right with our creator. Meditate, pray, whatever suits you, if we all make intentions to resolve this, it would quickly go away. As a collective consciousness humanity is unstoppable. The only problem majority of you have no idea how to meditate or pray.

      We separate ourselves from our creator. Trust me there is a God, Prime creator of the universe. We must work at joining with God, quiet mind, leads to God. We are all one being and that is God. God lives through each of us, sees through our eyes hears with our ears and knows all thoughts.

      The being Bill Gates and the rest serve is not the God of the universe. God speed and blessings to all. In a few weeks the testing will begin. I am perplexed myself along with my 46 year old son. We are damned if we take the vaccine and doomed if we do not. No one is stopping this nonsense!!?? Take care and good luck!!

  • davidwebster

    Guys please review the information regarding FORCED testing and vaccinations. The vaccine is reported to contain an RFID chip. If we refuse the vaccine, no travel or purchasing anything, no retirement money. no medical treatments. Bill Gates is behind this nonsense through the George Soros research company based in Wuhan, China.

    5G will make the virus accelerate and quickly kill the human. I have found many documents videos about this topic. I am a researcher, not a conspiracy nut ball. Ben will you accept this vaccine for you and family? I am confused as what to do because indeed it will be forced on us. This is a Biblical event, mark of the beast type thing.

    It appears all world leaders have agreed to this RFID chip, which means they are traitors to humanity!! I am 65 years old and in bad health, what will you and others do when the forced testing comes and mandatory vaccines?

  • Allenvaughan

    Yesterday, we had the Blue Angel-Thunderbird flyover here in Atlanta. Driving down Ga 400 from my home in Dahlonega*, you should have seen the WASP nut cases…STOPPING THEIR NINIVANS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FREAKING 8-LANE HIGHWAY…an hour before the flyover!!! People are pissed off, Ben. You are correct. And with a degree in Economics and having been in the 401k business, exclusively, since March 1985, yes, I know PERSONALLY, how this FAKE CRISIS has created a Titanic-full of angry people..IN THE PEOPLE THAT PRODUCE ECONOMIC WEALTH in this country. They are FED-UP! And when the real story comes out, and I don’t care if it’s at 5:15 on a Friday in Washington D.C., all hell could break loose. You only get to cry “wolf!” but so many times. (I am just 45 minutes from the A-T at around 3500 feet above sea level…Billy, you’re welcome to join me and my fam…if you can get up here before the Aluminum26 orange glass grains heat up our atmosphere like my daughter’s Easy Bake Oven!

  • Sunny Bono

    Yet, Benjamin, the people have not surprised us so far…have they? A protest ain’t a revolution.

  • sibeguy

    Once again you boys should stick to science and leave your conspiracy theories at home. After 5 minutes of listening to Adrian,s channel I knew it was a waste of time! Listening to him today made me realize there is zero ability to assess anything logically…did it ever occur to you that the reason there wasn’t a spike was because of social distancing? Look at the results in California compared to New York. The reality is we still don’t have good studies or data on what the real medical and social issues are. I guess it’s about having a cautious approach or being righteous in my freedom. If wearing a mask as a precaution is inconvenient for a few months is that to much to ask? Suck it up Ben and think about others for a moment.

    Sadly while I appreciate your scientific discussions, the rest of the garbage is no longer worth the money…you just lost a subscriber.

    • tardis79

      The reason for having no spikes in my opinion was more because of the stay at home order not much of social distancing. Many of my friends are literally afraid of going out and some haven’t been out for about 2 months! As you mentioned we still don’t have much research on this virus but for how many more months(maybe years?) are we supposed to wear masks and gloves and everything? we’ve experienced so many different flu with high death numbers like the swine flu or even influenza A,yet we got no quarantine for any of those.Now for this we get quarantined. In your country there might not be a quarantine but in my country we’re not even allowed to go out almost half of the week. There is a big fine for going out and also the possibility of going to jail. So definitely not a good time to be happy about this.

  • Charles

    So there was this interview with Gates, he is super creepy, especially when he cracks this huge smile at the mention of Dr Fauci. That one super creepy moment tells me Fauci is a plant. The psychopath can hardly hold in his creepy grin, talking about a pandemic .. ugh he makes me shudder. Can’t find that particular part, but there’s the whole thing. the sicko seems pretty happy about this state of affairs.

    Also, I’ve seen this comment around the internet….
    Quarantine is when you restrict the movement of sick people.
    Tyranny is when you restrict the movement of healthy people.
    Stupidity is when you can’t tell the difference.

    The trick is to buy an extra package or two of meat or TP or whatever EVERY time I go to the store. Just to be clear buy an extra package of something you can preserve every time, not the same thing(s) every time. My freezer is stocked. I’ve never had less than 1 extra package of TP. I have spices enough to last a year. mostly cause its way cheaper to buy in bulk. I will keep buying groceries as I use them, rotating them out … even though I’m not low. THEN when those items are scarce or stupid expensive, I’ll pass and just use what I have until things settle down. Its amazing that almost no one does anything like this .. just being prepared lowers the stress level a lot.
    MOST importantly do NOT tell everyone or anyone for that matter that you have a stockpile of anything. That would be inviting several kinds of disaster, being reported for hoarding, fights, break-ins, pissed off neighbors, begging, whatever.

    Do you really want to support a billionaire that just gave $15 billion to “fight global warming”?! Stop buying crap from Amazon!

  • Brad

    Cryo meteor destroys house roof.

  • sativarg

    RE: First direct look at how light excites electrons to kick off a chemical reaction and what else can we see?
    Could this technology help us see what WiFi is doing to biological systems?
    Could it help Humans find safe frequencies to use for all manner of electromagnetic tech?

  • Janice Phillips

    None of this makes any sense. The food shortages, the shut downs.
    I don’t trust anyone at this point.
    It’s too weird. Really weird.

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload Gentlemen. Catastrophe IS coming, anytime now, anyone’s guess. I am too old to run from the coastline, too hard headed to go anywhere in hopes of surviving a major event which I may not want to be a part of anyway. And given we always only rent everything we own. which can be taken away anytime via two words, I don’t think I feel like fighting for the 6 feet I will be buried in any further than I have to this point, space and time. Here I shall stay, come hell or high water.
    The virus has not come to this island so we do not wear masks, gloves or social distance. Floors are not marked to form social distancing lines. Shopping online is not in our community, only exist on the internet of locked down people paying exorbitant prices for supplies we islanders already store up on as we live in a place that gets cut off from society often. The balance of nature was/is already throwing things off and what is happening with the virus and economy has exposed the non-prepared, just in time delivery dependent types, to the point their own mental well being is compromised beyond belief. I almost have sympathy for big city dwellers because they are so socially dispersed they are no longer neighbors helping neighbors, but people helping themselves to others. Sad state of affairs there.
    The Gov’t never lets a good crisis go to waste nor do they let a potential event slip by their waiting minds and hands. Problem there is that they do not know peoples emotions and reactions like they think they do. The real problem is not the actions, but the reactions. The people pressure cooker is whistling now, if they do not turn down the heat, it certainly is going to blow. Hold on to your hat. Anyone’s guess, everyone’s game… babylonian style with mother natures march.
    If only we could truly understand our magnetic. electric universe. We are so far behind. I learned how far behind we are when I saw a cloaked object about the size of a compact car appear 50 feet high right in front of me as huge flames. It was burning all colors of the prism, zigging and zagging to and fro for a few minutes as if trying to get engine propulsion corrected so it could fly away. It turned into the brightest, perfect white circle I have ever seen, steady gaining speed as it flew over the sound towards the ocean, then it vanished again. I was mentally and physically stunned, perplexed for weeks, because everything I ever learned evaporated leaving a big hole in my brain.
    Anyway, the battle continues to take on new levels of engagement, so remember the old adage; where there are no good people strive to be a better person. Live by your morals, they will guide your principles and the values will fall in place. Thanks again.

  • sativarg

    Dear community,
    If we can use microwaves and or sound to stimulate a plasma then we should be able to cause stimulated secondary emission in that plasma.
    “Fossil Fuel-Free Jet Propulsion with Air Plasmas” – AIP Publishing LLC —
    I can see a chamber sized to be resonant filled with plasma stimulated with one or more forms of wave fronts… at one end a “mirror” to the plasma at the other end a charged mesh acting as a semipermeable “mirror” set up to only emit polarized plasma at relativistic velocities… a plasma laser engine?… I can see this being an overachiever to the extent that it would be too dangerous to use at lower altitudes?
    what do you think?

  • sativarg

    from ESO Instrument Finds Closest Black Hole to Earth | ESO —
    “An invisible object with a mass at least 4 times that of the Sun can only be a black hole,” concludes Rivinius, who is based in Chile.
    No I don’t think so…

    What is a Dyson sphere ?
    It could be a “Black Whole” perhaps but that does not exclude all the things, we do not know about, that smell the same?

  • sgj

    At around the 44 minute mark, Adrian said this is no worse than the flu. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Rather than look at the number of confirmed cases, look at the historical deaths per day, which have absolutely skyrocketed.

  • sativarg

    I was just getting ready to buy something today… then I saw it again… .99?
    What is wrong with being up front and honest? Why has every price got to be a niggling trick?
    if it is $45 then just say that and do not be a schmuck?
    It is not worthy, it is every where and it is like so much we have been conditioned to see as normal… $39.99.99???
    every little thing like that that we put up with cheapens us and moves closer to ultimate exploitation?
    sadly I will not be buying today… No! means No!

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