FOTW March 26, 2022

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  • silvermitt

    Excellent FOTW, fellas. Good to hear from Dunning, too.
    I didn’t know about Peratt went awol from public eye, and that’s quite indicative, isn’t it? Hope he is faring well.

  • Norton

    Wow great show today, I loved it when August broke off the leash and was running all over the neighborhood, One of these days we should let him go for a full hour and just listen! I will gladly pay for all his F bombs…. 😀

  • Backcast

    Excellent FOTW !! The audio was not bothersome.

  • RoxanneSumners

    Just… always amazed at your insights. Thank you.

    • FallenSun

      Loved dunning. I love that in depth stuff.

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload Gentlemen, Dunning is well aware. I am surprised he did not mention their long studied hero Frederick along with the Hitler types. (Hitler idolized Frederick.)
    The 2 percenters are racing to come up with a way to save their money otherwise the economic collapse makes their accumulated wealth about as worthy as the dirt they will go back in. Loss of that weighted height will bring them back to our level.
    What holds weighted height in a cash worthless society? Food. That is why they are also accumulating as much control of food as possible while never letting a depopulation possibility go to waste. Most people do not realize the CDC, NHI and alphabet entities are private owned entities, and the others are bought/owned. An economic collapse will ruin them completely if they cannot carry the wealth over with them, saved only by controlling food and using under-the-skin controls.
    And of course we all know they are seeking to get each person in the Yuval Harari solutions. Who, by the way, is their main man to consult with in brainstorming to gain ‘under the skin’ controls of people they cannot kill with bioweapons.
    We all know the Covid patents go back many years before the release. Patents prove future, which is how the White hats tracked the progression and preplanned their moves. Yes, devolution is real but the War is going to take about the same 10 years it took to watch it. By then, mother nature will step in, wash (nova) it all away and the b*st*rds will have to start all over again,
    The faulty killshot plan partially worked but they already had a backup plan, which is why Putin made the move. Their backup releases are being thwarted one step ahead of them. Dunning probably has some insight into the Taiwan, Arizona and Antarctica operations as well. The only thing that has truly kept the overall plan from coming into reality is FREE WILL, born into every human being. That, in and of itself, has been, and will continue to be, their most formidable opponent. I’ll stop now.n Thanks for letting me ramble on.
    Make it a great day gentlemen.

  • Caroline5765

    By the way, the reason they released the truth to the Biden laptop now is because they needed to get more people aware that Putin is doing the right thing and not some maniac trying to take over, create war. It moved players to the anti-war side to help prevent the WW3.

  • Fire302

    Excellent Fly On The Wall.

    Thanks guy’s.

  • Johnathan Jones

    August, you must forgive Ben, he’s always interrupting jokes right before the punchlines. Simply it is a “Loss of Function” drug injection weapon. When enough cells stop doing their jobs but instead are coopted to knit spikes, organs and systems fail. Usually this dramatically shows up in the high pressure environment of the heart, they stop holding hands , knit spikes and tear… but other organs follow if life is not terminated there.

  • sean leech

    Thanks SO , That was brilliant. My intention was to listen to ten or fifteen minutes while getting a cup of tea after helping a cow to calve and then go out to help the calf suck the cow but before I knew it the episode was over. I was so enthralled with the content that until Ben mentioned it I had not noticed any F bombs. I think that considering the content of that highly relevant section of the discussion the use of F words blend in un-noticed . I disagree on one point and that is that Putin is anti NWO – WEF or other Khazar organizations as they set up and control possibly all intelligence agencies and Putin was KGB/FSB.

  • Cosmicgoddess

    I understood everything August said… I take all of that stuffff

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