FOTW March 19, 2022

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    NYT play or pay…. Big Tech ….. who turns off the voices. I have no trust in what’s next for these players…. it’s always LOOK OVER HERE…. NO NO OVER THERE…..

  • Timothy Mills

    “They just do things” I have never heard it summed up better.

  • Fred Jones

    When I look at the X-Ray Optical (Full View) it looks to me that the Jet is going from right to left and not left to right as the intensity seems to be decreasing as it approaches the star… well enjoy just my 2.5 cents worth – i said 2.5 and not 2 cents…
    because of inflation….

  • Linefeed

    Under the model of the plasma universe I don’t see how a Dyson sphere can exist. It seems to me that by its very presence it would affect the star’s electric connection to other bodies it connects to.

  • blackhole


  • Ametrine Moonshadow

    Hey all. Let me try and debunk the story about hospitals being “paid” for COVID deaths. My husband is the CFO of a hospital, Chief Financial Officer, they did not get paid off for reporting deaths from the Coof. They did get medicaid funds for taking care of sick people, like any of sick person. They’d had to fight for it at the start, the Feds weren’t going to include it! Maybe some Blue State hospitals were paid off, but not a Red State one was.

  • Caroline5765

    Do you follow devolution Ben et al? This video will help you know the flow since Trump was in, based on facts. I usually do not post links but I feel you may find this chronological data helpful.
    With the look over here, look over there, you asked why did the New York Times come clean? Because they had to yes, but it goes beyond their office all the way into another country… like Russia/Ukraine. Russia’s list is larger than the politicians they blacklisted.
    I wonder how much Lindsey likes the bulls-eye target he painted on himself calling to assassinate Putin. He is a played fool. Russia Did It! if something happens to him… whether they do it or not. And the truckers roll on while we wait for just one state to enact election decertification and get the ball rolling.
    Ukraine was/is an economical mess, which is what got them in this mess to begin with. Greed should take heed, but it’s too late. Azov and Antifa are the same paid grunts, and many countries have them under different names, not just us and them.
    Watch Ukraine, now watch Taiwan, now look at Antarctica, Australia, and 20+ other countries.
    By the way, depopulation has many faces now, calling it great reset is a nicer word. The lists grows- plandemic, kill shots, inflation, created food/true health care/ petroleum shortages, uncontrolled spiral/devalue of fiat currency, GMO’s, tainted waters, sky poisons, telling people (Germans) they have to Freeze for Freedom, telling people your bad moves against them are for ‘the greater good’, hide the space/weather realities, and the list goes on and on.
    Interesting photo. Earth is so far behind in darn near everything space related compared to what those out there in space have, even the Gov’t hidden documents leave them baffled.
    Keep preparing for ‘you will own nothing and be happy’.
    Thank you for the upload Gentlemen.

  • American Nurse

    There will be nothing new. It’s the same thing over and over again. The corruption has no end.

  • dragorios

    I think the pattern, lie after lie – followed by idiot actions resulting in chaos was intended to bring about a disillusionment with our institutions and thereby willingly give up our freedoms. Yes, their are trusting fools – sheeple holding onto their masks for dear life, listening to the ‘latest’ COVID instructions. And then you have the rest of us. The lies and the chaos have only strengthened our trust in God, and family. From COVID to the Ukraine, their is nothing that I’m not automatically suspicious of the story. We are suspicious observers of everything. Our trust must now be earned.
    Do you all remember a time when you would listen to the news and have no reason to think it was a lie. Do you remember a time when the phone rang, and you answered it. Now, you wait for a voice mail because most of the calls are a scam. I could go on and on. We were living in the good old days, and did not know it.
    Those days are gone.

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