Fly on the Wall: December 12, 2013 (Public, Please Share)
S0 Notes on the latest news on the sun…

The American Geophysical Union ran a panel of four top scientists:

Nat Gopalswamy: Solar Physics Laboratory, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Leif Svalgaard: W. W. Hansen Experimental Physics Laboratory, Stanford University
Marty Mlynczak: Climate Science Branch, NASA Langley Research Center
Joe Giacalone: Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona

The following is a brief summary and context for the AGU presentation in light of the 1000+ observational videos on the Suspicious0bservers YouTube channel since 2011- followed by the actual discussion at the bottom of the page.

New to the channel/website? Look for the “Background Videos” and “C(Lie)mate” buttons in the menu bar above on the page- they can quickly bring you up to speed. Theme? We have been watching this for a long time, together, and we have all proven that our collective observations/conclusions are darn close to the experts’. Here is the full discussion: