Fly on the Wall: March 2, 2014

This is my first real description of the Mobile 0bservatory Project. I believe in everything we are doing here at the site and the channel- from Starwater and C(lie)mate to the daily news and Agenda 21 Counterstrike. My wife is on-board 100%. We are outfitting a Class A RV with a bunch of equipment that turns it into a Mobile 0bservatory, literally. We begin describing some of the tools, and at the end I am PLEADING for your intellectual help.

Any ideas on any of requested help items, please use – I would appreciate only serious emails about the project, I still want all support requests coming through our email or the Direct2S0 link. Please put Mobile 0bservatory Project in the subject line of your email.

Also… any Kickstarter experts out there?

Our Primary Radiation Device:
See Astronomy Section:
Hopefully, we will see you soon.