Fly on the Wall: January 24, 2015

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Transcript by Jan. THANK YOU JAN

[Ben]  Well, good morning folks, I’m here with Billy, Tony Rango, and Xaviar.    We’re going to start by talking about an interesting article, that came out in the Washington Post.  It’s called , How a group of conspiracy theorists could derail the debate over climate policy.   Now if you remember we’ve been talking a lot about how they are getting ready to move the Solar Radiation Management, Aerosols spraying, Chemtrails, whatever you want to call this, they’re getting ready to move this discourse out into the Main stream.  And, while they will do so under the guise of:) No, this hasn’t been done yet…,  but we want to talk about the viability of the process, the morality of the practice and everything surrounding it.  One of the issues we were talking about was once people start hearing this, they are going to start doing searches in internet and they’re going to find that basically the anti-geo-engineering community that has existed for a long time already, and how that’s really going to skew and have a big effect on public perception.  In a lot of ways it’s a very good thing that this has been established base of information and progress being made here, and also because the time is short for this wave of ‘mainstreaming’ this topic, it’s about to happen.  This is why I’ve been pushing so hard recently for some more logical arguments, and more logical lines of evidence that we should be looking at as a community – so we don’t make a lot of the mistakes that have been made over the last few years.    Now what’s interesting about this and first off, if you don’t know the Washington Post, this is one of the biggest media outlets in the United States.
The article starts by talking a little bit about Climate Change and how there’s discussion about whether or not we should use geo-engineering.  One particular form involves reflecting sunlight away from the Earth by deploying reflective aerosols into the atmosphere.    And then, this is where exactly the things we’ve been talking about for the last few weeks and months is really coming to fruition here.  And, I’ll just read straight from this article for a bit here:)
”But as it turns out, some people believe that a global campaign is already underway to have    aircraft spray the air with chemicals — whether to control climate change or for other, more    sinister purposes.
Meet the “chemtrails” crowd, who posit that governments, scientists and other institutions are  using airplanes’ “chemtrails” — basically contrails that are allegedly laced with chemicals — to        alter the climate, create extreme weather, poison people, or even control our minds. The        chemtrails movement has gained a small but passionate following on the Internet, with people    across the ideological spectrum — from left-wingers worried about the environment to right-     wingers concerned about abuses of government power.
Exert from article by: Puneet Kollipara, January 22, The Washington Post
They say they  don’t know the size of the community, but I think we have a pretty good idea about how big it is.   Let’s just stop right there for a minute and take a look at what this article has started with.  First of all, they are drawing attention to not only the topic, but to the word ‘Chemtrails’.  People will start to search that on the Internet, and this will lead them to the already large body of information that’s out there.   But, the fact that the title of the article, having the term ‘”conspiracy theorists” in it, sort of sets it up, sort of sets our group of anti-geo-engineering minded individuals up in a negative light to begin with.  Then, when they talk about some of the more sinister purposes or that we think they’re doing it to poison people, to control people’s minds by including the worst ideas that come from the anti-geo-engineering community, it really poisons the hull.   You notice, you don’t see anything about the opinions delivered in Sky-ception about the fact that well we have some serious changes to this Planet and things may need to be done about it.   They are in a tough position, they may not be making the right decisions, but there’s are a lot of explanations that aren’t being laid out.  You can see here they included all the things that make us sound crazy, but none of the more logical things that have been said.  And then, they really pissed me off because they drew attention to Dane Wigington.    That’s just more people who are going to go to his website and hear is absolutely ludicrous points about this.      I don’t know.  Have any of you guys seen this article?    They do go on to pretty much bash Chemtrails believers as saying that the conspiracy motives are far- fetched and claims themselves are fairly baseless.  But they say that it’s a relevant movement because it can affect the opinion of the public.  Which is exactly what we’ve been saying for weeks.  They are making an interesting play, I think they could be making an interesting mistake bringing it into the public light because then they’re basically opening the door to everything that our community has put forward and put together over the past few years or so.   That’s exactly what the Washington Post is saying is likely to happen as well.    I don’t know, I feel like I’ve just been talking and talking here.  What do you guys think about this?   I mean, first of all do you guys agree?  This is exactly what we’ve been talking about, how eventually, you cannot bring this into the mainstream discourse, the Lexicon, without getting our community involved.  Right?
[Billy]  You’re absolutely right.
[Tony]  Yah, I think you’ve said it right, they/re rolling it out, and they’re rolling it out mainstream now.  I think we saw it roll out last year and sort of the ‘alternative’ media and sort of dabbling in it, and talking about geo-engineering and we might need to do this, and, oh, the climates getting warm, and we’re going to have to do something about it.  We’re going to have people begging for this because it’s so important to cool the planet, or address the ‘Global Warming’ issue.   I want to point out one other thing.  If you notice in some of the comments, you’ll see,  there’s a few folks in there that are just tearing people apart anytime they mention the word Chemtrail, or mention anytime you look up and see the lines in the sky, and he tears them apart for doing that.   It’s one guy all over the place making some really nasty comments – you know, acting like a Troll.
[Ben]  Are you talking about on that article.
[Tony]  On the article in the comments.  Yah you can see trolls in the comments.   And then, as you mentioned Dane – he put out an alert to his followers about this article, basically right after it came out, within a couple of hours, telling his followers to go read it and to comment and tell them, oh go to my site.   So, he was sort of self promoting himself in that article as well, or at least in some of the comments.
[Billy]  Yep.  I agree with Tony, whole heartedly.   And, like you said, not to mention it’s going to bring out the worst in some of them to, you know.   A lot of people going to be ‘hollering at their boys’ and all of the sudden they’re giving us…… I mean, you have to just look around, use your basic instinct, you  can look around and see that thousands of people are not dying mysteriously.   They’ve been spraying over our heads for eight years or longer supposedly.
[Tony]  Yah, it was an interesting piece, no doubt.  And then coming from the CIA influence, Washington Post, you can’t be certain about their intentions and what they’re trying to do.
[Ben]    You know, one hopes they’re not trying to turn this into another one of these highly divisive, highly polarized and unproveable situations that ends up being a distraction from something else.
[Xaviar]   That’s exactly where my mind has been going the whole time.
[Tony]   It’s almost like they’re planting ‘key words’ .  When you read the article, there’s like talking points where the other side – I hate when I see these.    I’m torn.  Half of me is very happy that it’s even becoming part of the discussion, but the line… as far-fetched and baseless these claims may be – it’s things like that, they’re planting talking points, or catch phrases – crazy talking points.
[Ben]  You know, what’s unfortunate is while I believe that there are solid pieces of evidence to suggest that some level of an operation is on-going, so much of the evidence that has been put forth is complete ‘crap’.  It’s unbelievable, and it’s always so tough, and I can see in people’s faces at the “Observer’s Events’ that they struggle with this when I try to explain it , and I always have to preface this with, ‘Alright, throughout everything I’m about to say, you have to remember that I believe they are spraying’.  But, so many of the things that people point out as ‘Chemtrails’ are not Chemtrails.  Forget even just pointing at crazy things – you know, just pointing at any airplane in a random U-Tube video and just screaming ‘Chemtrails’.   I’m talking about on a lot of major websites where they’re pointing at something and it’s just not unnatural at all.  I took the time, even knowing I was going to be frustrated with the overall conclusions of the website.  I took the time to go through every last word on Metabunk and Contrail Science about Chemtrails and Contrails.  They’re entire premise is that anyone who believes in Chemtrails is nuts the evidence is wrong.  Those are two hugh websites that have a done a lot on the topic – one of them is solely dedicated to it.  While I still find myself coming down on the other side as these websites, Contrails Science and Metabunk make some undeniable points about (especially the videos) what in the world are they spraying, and why in the world are they spraying.  And, buy the way, I will be sitting with Micheal J. Murphy, the maker of those videos, on the Geo-Engineering Panel at Conscious Life Expo.  So, that will be interesting.  But, like a lot of the soil tests, or the pond or water tests and everything, not only are they not done very Scientifically well, or given what we’re trying to look for, but the levels of aluminum and things like that that were found are not even high compared to what you would even expect naturally.  When you actually go through and you read everything on Metabunk, it’s really difficult, especially for somebody who definitely believes that there is some form of spraying going on.   But, if you’re trying to refine your arguments and not make any mistakes, I just can’t even begin to explain how many Dane has made, how many so many other members of our community and our community as a whole have made.   Time’s really growing short.   When the Washington Post pumps out an article like this, it’s not long before this hits mainstream.   When I say mainstream, we’re talking about 20/20 does this, every major TV station is talking about it.  When it’s in Time Magazine, when it’s in all these big things and people are talking about it over coffee, in schools – things like that.   Welcome, it is right on the doorstep.  And, we need to get our ‘ducks in a row’ so to speak on this issue, I think.  Because, not only do we need to figure it out, and figure out what mistakes we’ve made, we need to figure out how to actually get ourselves heard because I will point this out again, I think this is the most important point.  They’re going to bring up left and right all these sinister things that people say.  They’re doing this to poison us, control our minds, and create extreme weather events to attack people by their warfare.  But, they’re not going to mention a single one of the things discussed in Sky-ception.  They’re not going to mention Earth’s Magnetosphere, or Sun shutting down, or the Polar Poles shifting.   It’s got to be on somebody to bring these things to the public discourse when the time comes.  So, that’s not something that one person can do.  It is what it is.  We’ve got our work cut out for us for sure.
[Ben]   Ok, we’re back.  We’re going to talk about an article that came out just a couple of days ago.  It’s called, Rosetta will prompt science images rethink.  This touches on some very important issues in the community and in the mainstream involvement with the community.    Here’s the issue.  Rosetta and the Comet 67P landing on it, this has generated a ton of interest from the public.  The problem is that the best images are eluding the public’s knowledge due to a six months embargo to allow the actual mission team to make the discoveries without other people coming in, scooping up the discovery and getting credit for it.   So the issue is that these Scientists who have devoted large portions of their life, they’ve gotten grants, they’ve been working years on this, they came up with the ideas and are the ones who made this happen – Where do their rights to basically be the first to announce these discoveries, where does that conflict with the public’s right to see this stuff?  And, in the case of Rosetta, essentially even though (ESA) the European Space Agency is running the mission, they don’t actually own any of the data, they don’t own the images, it’s all privately owned.   Which is really, really interesting.  This is the kind of thing that makes you wonder.  Just think back a little bit to when Comet Siding Spring came by Mars, we somehow managed to get no good images of that.    What if we’re just going to have to wait for the six month clock to run out so that anybody who’s going to write a paper – part of the Scientific Team can do so, and then the images will be released to the public, if ever.    I could see how one might be a little suspicious that they get all of this time to look at these things outside of the public light.  This is not the first we’ve dealt with stuff like this.  For example, the Demeter Satellite was subject to the same type of embargo to give the Scientist Team the chance to write their papers on the findings beforehand.  The problem was this resulted in paper after paper, year after year talking about these strong ionospheric disturbances, whether it be in critical frequency fluctuations, total electron content fluctuations, these different wild signals in the atmosphere and the ionosphere as being earthquake precursors.  They would happen before an earthquake actually took place.   On one hand, such a discovery like that deserves to be at least partially placed upon the people who made it happen.   But, at the same time, there was never once a real time warning about any of this data to suggest, hey, wait a minute, an earthquake might be coming.  There was no easy access from the public to say wait a minute that looks like the same signature from your two papers last year.    There could be an earthquake coming right here and you’d be able to see exactly where it was going to happen.  But, the images and all the data was subject to embargo, so that the Scientists could write their papers and get credit for the discoveries, regardless of the fact that people could have used that to save lives.  They had already studied this for the 2008 China disaster.   they studied this for the 2010 earthquakes in Chile and Haiti.   They wrote the paper about two years later about the ionospheric effect above Japan.  You better believe they saw that one coming.  They probably saw the double 8.0’s coming in Sumatra.  They probably saw the Solomon Islands 8.0 in 2013, that actually caused a little Tsunami and a few deaths.   And so, even though this, where we started this conversation was an article Rosetta, and the six month embargo,  and how it might not seem like that big of a deal because the people do eventually get to find out, well, just take a look back at the Demeter Satellite and keeping that information nay have actually cost lives.  Take a look back to Siding Spring, this embargo turns now into a simple excuse to hide pictures.  To maybe alter pictures if there was some sort of electrical interaction.   What are we going to see when Dawn gets close to Ceres?   It gave us those revolutionary pictures of Vesta, but I don’t think those were live or close to real time.   It’s suppose to be getting to Ceres pretty soon and suppose to show us the best images yet.  Don’t forget we’re expecting, and when I saw ‘we’, the Starwater community is expecting a lot of water and ice to be seen there.  More-so than they believe is possible.  Are we going to get to see those pictures?   How much from the Mars Rover and some of the Mars orbiters are we seeing?  How much of that is subject to embargo and potentially open to censorship?  I think this is one of the most important issues in our community because it straddles the line of a legitimate scientific concern in fairness and giving the Scientists what they deserve from making these great strides vs. what the public should have available to them.   With a side dish of ‘how much does this open the door to conspiracy, nefarious action, actual censoring data that they don’t want us to have.  I think it’s an interesting article for the specific points that it makes and on this specific topic.  But, the principle in general is something that should be fairly familiar to members of this community when they start thinking about this principle of how much do we really get; how much do we really know?   It’s interesting to see just how much that is pervasive.   Again, this is from the BBC.  This is something we’ve been kind of dealing with quietly, frustratingly in our community in relative obscurity.  But again,  here we have this being pulled into the limelight which I think is very interesting.   So anyway, guys, any thoughts on anything we mentioned here?
[Billy]  Yah, sure.    By the way, what is the Asteroid they’re flying towards now to get the pictures of?
[Ben]    They’re actually flying towards Ceres, the dwarf planet.
[Billy]    That’s right.  I saw an article this morning about NASA spots another reflective, highly reflective spot on it in the latest pictures.   That’s what I find incredible, because you take, NASA tends to release or has in the past 10/years released more data than other time in its history.  Whereas you see these private organizations that are involved, they’re the ones that tend to try to hold back.  In my opinion, that’s mostly involved degradation and greed.   However, there are other implications that may have something to do with it, like old model vs. new model.   It’s hard to say.   But, again, the article that you spoke about, what was that, what was the other Satellite there?   Sentinel One, that’s almost totally 100% outsourced data, so.   I agree totally.  The fact that we don’t know what implications this data will give us as far as saving lives should make it immediately released.   Just  because of the fact that we don’t know.
[Ben]  Yah, the idea about saving lives, that was more relevant for the Demeter Satellite than it is for Comet 67P.   It’s the principle of the matter.
[Bob]   It appears to me that the there’s an issue going on here that you’ve reflected on in other arenas that are close.  You’ve talked before about how the cloud seeding or the aerosols in the atmosphere are being done and that it’s not necessarily that they’re trying to do anything but mimicking what they are seeing coming ahead, but at the same time they really shouldn’t play God.   And, I kind of see a tie-in with that to.  It’s like, ok, do we tell the people there is likely to be an earthquake and panic them, will that cause more  deaths than an earthquake and a tsunami itself.   And, whether or not they are correct in their assessment, maybe that’s the kind of assessment that they are making, but at the same time they shouldn’t play God.  Is that a factor in revealing some of the stuff ahead of time vs. not.
[Ben]    You make a good point, because from what I understand, these ionospheric variations can happen for a lot of different reasons.   And, while many big earthquakes have this phenomenon beforehand, not every time you see this phenomenon, do you get a big earthquake afterward.   It’s kind of like all fingers or thumbs, but not all fingers and thumbs kind of deal.  And, so, yah, there could be a worry about, well, do we cry wolf, do we want to really go with this and really potentially scare people when we really don’t have a complete understanding of what’s going on yet.   I could completely understand that.  Especially the part about potentially freaking people out and causing chaos, because that’s something I’ve talked about a lot.  You make a really good point there.  What about Tony, Xaviar, any thoughts?
[Tony]     Well, the other thing you can consider, is that they could be wrong.  Like you’re saying they could create panic and not even be right about it.   Like they don’t have their models down correctly, they could come across looking poorly, or creating false panics or any number of other things that you don’t want to see.
[Ben]   That’s certainly a good point.
[Xaviar]  I don’t know.  The images are being held, it could be a financial reason .  People want to see this first, make the claim first, or whatever.   There’s a giant, giant portion of the population that thinks they’re being held and scrutinized to be cleaned up.  I don’t want to go down the conspiracy road too deeply, but that’s going to be in people’s minds and something we should at least address.
[Ben]   You make a good point.  I think from there you could have the further conversation of:) is the world ready for what we might be able to see.   Which I think is an interesting conversation.  I think that there’s a lot of the world that’s not ready.   I do tend to be a little cynical when I think about the larger world around me.  Although I do have a good bit of hope and recognize the great amount of positivity out there.   I just recognize the swing of the pendulum so to speak.
[Billy]  Yah, and the fact that this also shows there are two sides to this again.  You have what appears to be a Left side driven and a Right side driven.  Like the article that came out today with Seers.  the flash, they caught it on the news this morning you know.  That was released almost immediately.   Which if you pay attention to it really it’s almost as though NASA is kind of guided more by the Right side, whereas NOAA is guided more by the climate agenda, Left side.   But, they are constantly contradicting one another.  Just the other day, we saw the hottest year on record come out from NOAA, and the next day an article came out from NASA saying were only 30% or so  positive.
[Ben]   I don’t really understand how they can get away with stuff like that.   I think they were 38% positive which means they were 62% sure that it was not the warmest year on record.   Meaning that all their information told them it was probably not the warmest year on record and that’s not at all what was printed.   But, then again, most people will just read the title and assume that what the title inferred is the truth.   Just like people will read the Chemtrails article, or the Chemtrails crowd articles and just assume they’re conspiracy theorists and assume that they are wrong about everything.    I actually think this article here for those will read it, now granted the title of:) Rosetta will prompt science images rethink probably isn’t going to titillate a lot of the individuals that may be looking for something cool scientifically.  But, for those who are interested in data access, transparency and things like that, I find this article to be very well written.   It’s very on point, but you can also apply it to these other things like:) Siding Spring, like the Demeter Satellite.  You can look forward – ahead, will we get to see something amazing on Rosetta, when it gets closer to the Sun, or will we have to wait?   What’s going to happen when Dawn gets to Ceres?   What are we really getting from Mars that we should be getting is there to be had?   I think all these questions are very, very relevant.   But, that’s just me.
BREAK……… Ben turned on recorder earlier than planned…………
[Billy]    The police in Talladega, Alabama decided to do a ‘sting’ at the race last year, and you know they have a different line for people to park in handicap that they go into the parking lot.  So the police set up on that line and started running the numbers to see if these people were legitimate.  Half the people that the ‘handicap’ parking was issued to weren’t even in the car.   There was a vast majority of them that was fraud.   Over 50% of the handicap parkers that were parked at Talladega were invalid.   Of course the ticket was like $500-$600.    I’m like damn, that’s incredible.., it’s being abused, heavily.    That handicap sticker, the parking thing is being abused heavily.   Sure is.  You look it up on U-tube and see how much it’s going on.
[Ben]   And you have to feel bad for the people who legitimately then.
[Billy]    A lot of videos, of people have it legitimately.    Like this one guy, he’s in a wheel chair, paraplegic from the waist down, parks his van in the zone, ramp comes down on the side, they have that extra width on that parking but it’s just for that purpose.  So the van’s going to let the ramp down so the part can come out for the wheel chair, and somebody parks right there in that open spot.   That’s clearly marked with lines and right next to a handicap, you know you can’t park there.   So, there was one guy on U-Tube that actually caught people doing that and films them when they come out of the store, his car is parked, you can’t get in, you can’t get out.  A lot of them are truck drivers that are bringing in material to the local business or whatever, you know, they will park right in the handicapped spot.
[Ben]   Yah, I’ve noticed that to.  And, you know, it’s one thing to be….like for example, I don’t have any kind of disability like that, I don’t have a handicapped sticker, and stuff like that ticks me off.   Because, it’s like, how lazy are you, you’re really going to take advantage of the system that way.  The people who really have a right to be upset are the people like those who needed the space to get up that ramp, into the van.  Or, the people who weren’t able to park in the handicapped spot because they were taken by people abusing the system.   In our break here, Bob was just talking about how a lot of this stuff comes down to personal responsibility.  Regardless of what you’re talking about a lot of everything comes down to personal responsibility.  Unfortunately a good deal of our ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ on this planet are very irresponsible.  It is what it is.   This is one of the reasons why we’re not trusted with every truth; this is one of the reasons why they don’t feel they can trust us with the ‘Power of the Universe’ if they have indeed discovered what that is.   So, I figured that as bad as things are, as corrupt as things are, we will get what we deserve in many ways.   Bob, what was the quote you put out there about ‘governance’?
[Bob]  “Those who will not govern themselves with responsibility, will be governed by others”.   Yep.
[Ben]   Yah, and when the irresponsible governs, it allows, I should say it fosters more irresponsibility among the people.   That’s what we’re living with, that’s humanity.
[Bob]       If you take irresponsibility up the ‘chain’, then now you start to understand how the upper echelon of governments could be so corrupted.   Because they are just as irresponsible as those below them, but they are.. it’s not like everybody in government is absolutely full of personal responsibility; they deem it their job to govern over those who won’t.  There are a percentage breakdown of those in government just like those in the population.   So if 80% of the population will not govern themselves with responsibility, then 80%  of those in power are going to be corruptible.
[Ben]   Well, it’s just one of the constant things that we have to deal with.  Speaking of things we are constantly dealing with and speaking of one of the things that requires a good deal of personal responsibility, there have been a number of updates in the GMO section of discourse.   I’d like to basically run through some of those.  There is a ‘special report’ on South Korea.  They are importing GMO food at a record high.  The public, both there and abroad are growing uneasy about potentially harmful food products that aren’t properly labeled or regulated.  The amount of GMO food imported to South Korea increased from 7-8/million tons to about 10/million tons now.   This is the biggest tally since 2008 when some regulations were implemented there to regulate GMO’s.  But, it seems that even after this Regulation, they’re flying into the country at record rates.  At a time when we can look to a number of different States, parts of Europe, Russia, a lot of different areas and congratulate them on some of the things they’re doing to prevent GMO’s from getting into their food supply,  China included actually having banned a ton of GMO products, especially from America.   It’s really tough to see this for South Korea.  You never really want to see stuff like that happening.
Something else.  There’s an article out by MPR, it’s actually on it’s  called, ‘Why some GMO foods don’t have genetically modified DNA’.   They’re talking about how difficult it is to actually determine whether or not there is genetically modified DNA.  For example, there’s a lot of processing involved; a lot of the DNA is gone.   So,  beyond the question is – do you still count this as genetically modified if all the genes are processed out of this situation.  Or, is it about more than that.  As a quick aside, I would note that it’s about more than that.   When you change the DNA, you can change everything about that organism, and just because you’ve processed all the DNA and all the genes out of the eventual product, doesn’t mean that something else along the way has been altered.  It’s just a matter of having different DNA.  It really wouldn’t be such a big deal.  It’s what the DNA does, how it changes the actual organism as a whole.  I think that, while granted that is just my opinion, I think there is a lot of logic in what I just said there.   But, the interesting thing about this MPR article is that they are actually asking the question, ‘should people even care’ about whether or not their food has genetically modified ingredients.  They say that there is probably more concern about environmental impact or other things like that than health concerns.  Or, there might be political reasons they’re objecting to large companies dominating the economic landscape; controlling intellectual property around seeds like Monsanto.  But they don’t seem to raise much question about the actual safety of the products.   This brings into light, at least for me and my experience in these things, the fact that most of these GMO’s have blanket approvals – they got approved on really, really low bar basis.   They did not have to do a ton of testing, especially long term testing, where all the negative aspects of GMO’s would come out.   It’s really some disappointing things to see on such a widely read outlet such as MPR.
There’s also some good things op talk about.  An Iowa farmer today, which most people have never heard of, but if you are a farmer, you live in Iowa, you are very well aware of who Iowa farmer today is.  In a poll conducted by the Associated Press, show that 66% of the Americans are favoring – are requiring food manufacturers to put labels on products that carry genetically modified food.   Only 7% are opposed to the idea, and 24% are about neutral.   This is something good because if the Associated Press is going to do a poll about it, a recurring theme here, you can really be sure it’s getting into the mainstream Lexicon.  You know, Billy, I keep coming back to one of the first things you ever said to me.  Tain’t everybody gonna make it.  We’re not going to get everybody on board with this organic thing.  By the way, non GMO does not mean ‘organic’.  That is something we have to talk about at some point.   There is so many different things that matter.  What is organic?  Is the definition of organ changed?  What is GMO?  The point is, the more these topics get into the public light, the better it is regardless of what some of these articles say.
[Billy]    No doubt.  Even I agree, we’re going to do it just because we can.  It needs to be transparent as much as possible.
[Ben]   There’s an interesting article out from the Statesmen Journal, as well.  Saying that, letting the States do this individually might not be the best idea.   Having 50/different Laws throughout this country for what the labeling is not only might be confusing, but could you imagine the cost that that would put on food manufacturers  which they will then transfer over to us.  So perhaps something Federal which is…….I happen to know a little bit about people who listen to these programs, they tend to favor State rights over Federal.  But, this may be something that does belong in the Federal Jurisdiction.   I could be wrong, I’m not sure.
Some one of you guys posted a link in here, what was that?    Ah, yes, Tony Rango wants  us to talk about this.
[Tony]    It can wait until next week.
[Ben]   We’ve got time, it’s fine.   Some of my web pages are not responding here.   I’m on a Mac, so I’ll use Safari which can be really annoying.    Ah, Star Observer popped on, so let’s yell at him for sleeping in.  What do you say?   Hey, Trevor, I brought you on, the plan was to yell at you for sleeping in, but then we remembered that your life is really hectic.  How are you feeling my friend?   Say it again, you’re breaking up.
[Trevor]  Yah, I had a rough time, I didn’t get up on time.   Especially when unpaid bills and everything like that.
[Ben]   Yah, well, such is the burden there.    Anyway, the last thing we’ll talk about today is something that we’ve talked about briefly before, but it’s not a topic I particularly enjoy, so we haven’t brought it up a whole lot.  That is, stuff like the Ferguson protests, all of this anarchy under the guise of Civil Rights kind of thing.   If you remember, some of things that go along with this, I actually put this in a morning new about a year and a half ago.  maybe it was longer ago than that.  I took a lot of heat for that, I thought there was a good point, that a lot of these angry, civil issues are really churned up and they are churned into the limelight and pushed forward and promoted for very, very scary reasons.   We have this article out right now about the fact that George Soros is the main driving sponsor behind the Ferguson protests and media campaign.    Now you remember, for those of you who do not know George Soros, he has been called everything from an immoral human being to the evilest man alive.  A lot of that did happen around the same time that he began attacking oil interests and telling people to take their money out of oil and look into other energy sources.    But, he has himself done some things that are not so good with his money and his influence.    But, if you’ll remember, one of the underlying things that we  talked about with a lot of these Civil Rights issues is them trying to goad the African-American community into having some sort of a revolt.  I do not question how racist powerful people on this planet are.  And, wanting to push them over the edge so that something can be done to them, is, as terrible as this sounds, is not something that should leave the minds of individuals.  Especially when you realize, somebody like George Soros pushing the popularity and the continuation of this movement, really has to make one question, – not the individuals that are part of the movement, or the arguments that they are making, but, how is the situation trying to be controlled.   How is the situation trying to be played?   And, to what end by these powerful individuals?   It’s something interesting to think about.   Beyond recognizing that it’s something curious, I’m not exactly sure where I come down on this issue right now.   Do any of you guys have any thoughts on this topic?
[Billy]   Think about what he believes in his mind.   In his mind, we are a hindrance to society and the planet.   He’s one of the top climate live antropolgenics there are, which in my mind is detrimental to society.    And, his involvement in this situation is to keep population involvement, in my opinion.   It may not happen that way, but I can almost assure you that that’s what’s in his mindset.    You know, these are dangerous people.   And again, he’s under the guise of ‘helping’ the people, see.
[Bob]  Likewise, if you look back over the history of ………
[Ben]  I’ve lost Bob.   I’ll continue what he was going to say.  If you look through the history of stuff like this, you see it all the time.   And, it’s the kind of thing that makes you not doubt that these situations are controlled.   Bob, are you back yet.  Did we lose you?
[Bob]  I’m back.
[Ben]   Ok, fantastic, what where you going to say?
[Bob]   I was just saying, if you look back through the eugenics movement of this country and throughout the world, you see right where this stuff is headed.   You see where these attitudes come from.
[Ben]   Yah, and we’ve gotten to a point in society where it’s not acceptable to just go after them.    So you have to make them essentially throw the first stone.   Even though, technically they are playing out the police through the first stone, that is a microcosm escalating into a macrocosm.  Boy, that’s a good way to pick a fight so you can show off, kind of thing.   Yah, that’s a very interesting one.   I don’t know what to think about it. Tony, do you have any thoughts on the matter?
[Tony]  Ah, yah,    It’s like they are trying to implement a ‘race’ war.   They’re actively pushing – picking one of the worst cases to highlight as police brutality.  Calling anything and everything racist, and really fomenting it, whether it’s to keep people distracted and fighting, or whether it’s really to start something further.  But, when you look at the money behind it and see what they are doing, not what they are saying, like Billy said, ‘look at what they do’, it’s pretty obvious.
[Billy]  It’s hard to say to, whether it’s part of the controlled collapse of society to begin with.   We see in history that the society does these things, literally with the star in the sky.  So to say, I’m saying this may have been something that was already going to happen and the fact  that they step in and try to control it to some degree, maybe that’s what’s happening.
[Bob]   It’s interesting to me that when you look at this, you see on the one hand everybody says the militarization of the police dept. (how bad a direction this goes) that they overstep their bounds, and then you have the other side which is sending in folks into the area, looting their own people’s stores, and so causing this division between every aspect of this.  Even within those that are just looking at the Police force.    You have some saying, well, what’s a police force doing,  There had to be this military operation in order to shut down those riots, or at least control those riots.   Look at how bad those were without that.   And, the other side is saying, well, the militarization of the police force – making the mindset of the officers be at war rather than be peaceful.    So it’s a division even within just those folks that are looking only at one side of it.   And such, divide and conquer at every turn.
[Ben]   Yah, a good way to say it is confusion, everybody with their own story, disinformation, control of the situation, lack of logic on most accounts.   Welcome to humanity on the planet Earth.
As always, we’ll keep our eyes on all of it.   See you next week