Fly on the Wall: January 10, 2015

On the line:
Ben (S0), Billy (Mr2), Xaviar Thunders, Trevor (Star0bserver), Tony Rango, David (Adapt2030), Bob Bridges

[Ben] Well, good morning everybody. We have a full slate here today. I am on with Billy as always, Tony, Rango, Star Observer is joining us, David from Adapt 2030 is back, and then in a little bit, Bob Bridges who does all the interviews for The Institute for Venture Science will be joining us as well.
Also, I would like to reiterate the request I made last week. We do have some listeners that are hearing impaired, and so if anybody wants to take some notes about some of the things that we discuss and then send to me via e-mail, either at:
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Last week we had somebody actually go through and write the transcript and that’s posted on last week’s FOTW. That was phenomenal. Of course I would never ask anybody to do that. But if anybody happens to want to type up some notes, or anything like that, I know that the folks who have a little bit of trouble hearing will greatly, greatly appreciate it.
Well, as I said, we’ve got David back here from the Adapt 2030 channel, and, David, it’s been a heck of a week as you said a bit ago – tracking down all this information. What’s on your mind?
[David] Seems a lot of things are shifting South.
[Ben]] Yah
[David] If you’ve noticed the Grand Snow Storm that rolled through California as well as deposited some snows in Arizona, Nevada – different places that are far south on the latitude as you would find in Sicily, or Libya, Algeria; seems that it wasn’t just a single event that occurred in the Northern African Dessert Region, or Southern Italy. It was in North America as well. It seems that something is pushing about 300/miles south across the entire Northern Hemisphere, and that’s what I’ve noticed in the last couple of weeks.
[Ben] Talk a little bit about what happened in the Sahara.
[David] Tunisia specifically; they don’t normally get snows outside of the mountain areas, but this particular event (and it’s still going on), it was the second event that came into Israel, and Jordan as well as Egypt. There was a recent snow storm that just came four days ago – I think it’s still on-going as we speak. But, it doesn’t usually go into the flatter lands. The snow storms usually stay in Morocco, or in Tunisia in the mountain areas; but this snow storm was onto the flat land area which was completely unusual and it stretched in southern areas which are on the Northern edge of the Sahara Dessert were seeing snowfalls – and that is quite unusual.
[Ben] Hmm. That is interesting.
[David] And, also, did you see that there were flurries in Florida yesterday?
[Billy] I saw that. It was on the nightly News, Jacksonville, Fla. last night.
[David] Yah, that’s right. The Seminole Indians talk about, they call it the ‘Great White Rain’, and the last time, there were references to ‘Great White Rain’ were in the Maunder Minimum. And there were frequent stories of the Everglades freezing year after year. The Everglades would freeze solid with an ice cover during the Maunder Minimum. And that’s where the term came from – the Seminole Indians. And, here we go again, the start of the ‘Great White Rain’ has re-begun again.
[Ben] Yah, well they’ve been under (the Northern portions of Florida) frost and freeze warnings every day for the last week. Ever since the Polar Vortex and Jet Stream dip that was allowing the Arctic air to come South, moved from the West coast to the East, they’ve been under that Frost and Freeze warning.
I was talking to my family who lives in Pittsburg, PA. – they were talking about -19/degrees wind chill when they were trying to get to work in the morning, Boy, that’s just brutal. That is absolutely brutal. That’s not the kind of thing that happens all the time. It didn’t break any records for Pittsburg, of course, because they’ve had some bad winters, but that’s a pretty significant event. I would love to be in some parts of Europe right now where the Eastern convergence of those lows just refuses to leave them alone. And, yah, they’re getting more rain than they are used to seeing, but it also hasn’t frozen at any point in some parts of Europe yet. There are some parts of Europe where so far this year it has not frozen at all yet. Which is of course, interesting. David Hyde, who lives in Austria has been seeing something a bit different there. Some of these snow storms that are making their way down, as David said, are doing so in a very, very wild way. When it was in the West Coast of The United States, we saw one day where cold records were broken in California, Phoenix, New Mexico, Colorado – pretty much all over the place. So, it’s pretty fascinating stuff.
Is there anything else that was on your mind David, that you found interesting, or you might want to share?
[David] Well, the wind shield factors. I’m not really a fan of stating things by wind shield factor, that’s – I wouldn’t say an erroneous number, but it really doesn’t dictate the temperature you see on the ground when you’re talking about breaking these temperature records. It’s the temperature itself, it’s not the wind shield factor. I see these absurd wind shield factors thrown around in the media now. Instead of the actual ‘on-the-ground’ temperature reading, the new take on the media seems to be putting absurd numbers on the wind shield to try to draw people’s attention into it. It’s negative 40 on the wind shield. It’s -50 on the wind shield. But, what was the actual temperature? So I noticed that there’s a grand standing or some kind of show boating going on in the media, trying to grab these negative low numbers – wind shield.
[Ben] Well, the grand standing, and the trying to get clicks and viewers is no new thing. However, the issue with it is that normally the winds are strongest when you are either really, really close to the low pressure node or, it’s the convergence. And, what’s interesting here is we’re seeing these powerful winds driven around the lows – hundreds of miles away from the actual center of the low pressure point. So, for example, when a low is in Wisconsin, it’s nothing at all to see wild wind chills in the Dakotas. But to see those wild wind chills in the Dakotas when the low is on the other side of the Great Lakes – that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. It shouldn’t be that way. The only explanation I can come to is going back to the whole idea that the high pressure systems are getting higher, the low pressure systems are getting lower and that’s what’s causing these extreme shifts back and forth. And, it is still those extreme shifts back and forth despite what Phoenix saw a record low temperature on January 3rd. On January 7th they set a winter high temperature, so it really is these wild swings back and forth. Of course, the only part of it that’s really scary is the cold when it happens.

[David] There will be more of that. Buckwheat. There was a shortage of Buckwheat. The crop in Russia this year was hurt by early snows as well as cold, so the buckwheat harvest didn’t come in at the tonnage they forecast. And, some apparent runs on food are going on in Russia currently. It has something to do with the devaluation of the Ruble as well. You know, if your monies worth this much today, and I can buy this much with it today, but of course, also Buckwheat, the main staple there as well is in short supply, and the currency is devaluating so people are running out to buy whatever they can, put their hands on anything they can at the moment, and it just has this domino effect of shortages – specifically foods.
[Ben] I know that there are parts of the world just north of the Bay of Bengal that are going to be dealing with that pretty soon; they’ve been hurt agriculturally. I don’t know if any of you guys caught that thing in this morning’s news about that ice and hail storm that hit Eastern India – far Eastern India. They lost – 20/homes completely destroyed, 50/more damaged very badly. Domestic animals were dying all over the place, birds dying. Most of the banana crops were lost. Vegetables are literally buried in hail That’s not a good time to be living there. Their livelihoods depend on some of those exports. Something like that – we talked before about how one snowstorm can set off a chain reaction all around the world. Even if it’s the only weather event – the weather event itself can really have an effect globally. To see a big chunk of Eastern India just loose almost all of its Agra business pretty much in one storm really makes you wonder how long before something like that happens in the Unites States.
[David] How much of a thin line are we really on our the global delivery system with the ‘just in time’. Everything’s stretched so thin these days. One break down, like you said, has a ripple effect through – when there’s a break in one place it affects the entire whole of our planet. Look at India; what are they known for:) trans-shipping, agriculture. What’s a NOT going to be effect to the neighboring countries that in turn depend on them for food imports? Where are they going to have to now find new imports – that will put a strain on another countries export; that will drive the price.
[Ben] Right.
[David] Also, if I might also add in one thing. Is the Troposphere dipping at this time? When we have these massive storms come down, what is pulling down, sending these enormous volumes of cold air rushing in to create such erroneous storms. There’s diametric opposites between heat and cold in places right now. It’s minus (-50) degrees one day and the next day it’s above freezing at 30/degrees. (32-37/degrees). You get 70/degree temperature swings during the days and nights here. In places that generally don’t change maybe 5-6/degrees; but now they’re getting into the 50/degree temperature swings per day.
[Ben] You know, you could learn a lot about that by making your way up through the atmospheric layers on the wind map. I haven’t talked about this a ton. I’ve mentioned it very sparingly. You start at the surface level, and it’s very, very easy to see how the low pressure system is sucking in hard and the high pressure system is pushing out hard. And, you come up to the 1,000hPA layer right at the base of the clouds and you can see it’s still pretty much doing the same thing. When you’re at the 850hPA layer, it doesn’t quite look as strong. But, then when you get to the 700/layer, you see that all the lows are actually pushing out; such as they are sucking in at the ground level taking that air up into the atmosphere and expelling it. The high pressure nodes always have an upper atmospheric flow that goes right over top of the high pressure cell. So, given that the high pressure cell at the surface is pushing out, that means that the air is descending right on top of there. And, then you look up at the upper atmospheric flows, you can see exactly where it’s getting the air. When you have the jet stream diving Southward from the North, or even the Polar Vortex doing that, it’s quite easy to see that wow, that’s some really cold air that’s going through there. You have to wonder how much of that the high pressure node is stealing and diving towards the surface. Just a thought. If you spend a lot of time on the wind map, you can see it.
[David] I usually take a look at the wind maps, 500/millibar; 250mb sometimes, 1,000, round temperatures.
But that instant flash freeze event that you’re talking about that just occurred in India; when we go back in history and we take a look, what – 25,000 years ago or so, when the Mastodon where flash frozen, would this be a sort of mini-episode of this in a very light form, but this is starting to re-occur again, and will it intensify? Every single event that happens from this point forward:) will it become colder in flash freeze events that just occurred; would the hail be thicker; will the temperatures drop further; will it be a faster transition from the temperature – where people actually get frozen and stuck where they are.
[Ben] Excellent questions.
Let’s take a quick break and we’ll come right back……………..
Alright, we’re back, and Bob Bridges joined us in the break.
Before we sort of go into ‘Power Structures’, here on Planet Earth, Power Paradigms, however you want to phrase it, there are a couple of updates I want to go over just to make sure everybody is on the same page with some of the long term things that we track.
We learned this week that the Solar Pole flip is still not done. This one actually surprised me. I had actually thought there was a good chance that after the last that we were going to see it be done with its flipping, but apparently not. But, once again the fact that it’s sort of refusing to finish for so long is indicative that the Sun is really kind of sputtering – if you will. And, ready to drop off.
In terms of the Earthquake stuff, we saw the first really solid coronal hole come over the Earth facing disc. We had the Southern coronal hole as the New Year began, but it turned out that the trans-equatorial portion was really pinched by the coronal fields and there’s no way that the inner planetary magnetic fields and the alpha waves were really going to get out and really affect Earth from that one. But, the positive Northern coronal hole did actually come down fairly near the Equator, and of course the day that it began facing Earth, we had the 6.6 in Panama; which is not only significant, but the largest quake in the last month – the last 30/days. So, that was pretty solid. Of course, it’s leaving now; its Solar wind stream is about to hit Earth, probably in the next day or so. And, in just a couple of hours, Venus and Mercury will have their closest approach in terms of a conjunction from Earth’s perspective – geocentrically. We already saw our uptick from this, whether or not we get another one, we’ll wait and see. But, that was a pretty solid start to the year for the coronal hole correlation
Last on the list for these updates:)
You know we haven’t had any major Solar flares so far in 2015. We have had a couple of low level M-flares. But, nothing major whatsoever. We’ve also had no Hugh filament releases. If you pull up the SOHO Lasco coronagraphs, and you run from January 1 until now, you will see that there weren’t any real big eruptions on the back side of the Sun either. A little nod to the U-Yen System.
We have had zero tropical storms in 2015 so far – I know it’s only 10/days, but when you get to 10/days in a row, you can consider that an ‘all quiet’ event. This is looking a lot like the ‘all quiet’ event that we saw in 2014 where we had 13/days without any kind of major activity on the Earth facing or on the back side of Sun. We didn’t see any tropical storms then either. Fairly good start to some of the long term tracking we’ve been doing. As always, keeping our eye on everything.
Bob, let’s talk about these ‘Power Paradigms here. This is interesting, especially because – if people will pardon my French; some of the things we’re talk about in this segment will fall under the ‘shit’ our community doesn’t want to hear category. It’s interesting because the latest ‘Deeper Look’ that we posted yesterday, is another one of those ‘shit people don’t want to hear things’.
Let’s introduce everybody to you, then I will give my little bit first.
Bob, was actually our host for the Seattle event. He doesn’t quite live in Seattle. He lives a little bit North of it. We stayed with him, we have a very lovely time. Bob, you had a beautiful property out there as well. He was really good to the Mobil Observatory Project when we were rolling through there. Bob, dropped something on us almost as soon as we got there that I did not know beforehand. Most of you remember Jerald Pollack. We did the interview with Dr. Pollock a few months ago where he described the fourth phase of water – Easy water. What water does is almost borderline magical and that’s pretty interesting. But Jerald Pollack also runs the Institute for Venture Science.
Bob, why don’t you go ahead and describe how you are involved with that there.
[Bob] Yah, I actually tuned in because I’ve been a long time follower of both Suspicious Observers and The Thunderbolt Project. I naturally tuned into the videos that were posted on-line for the EU conferences this past Spring and saw Dr. Pollock give a talk there on The Institute for Venture Science. And, decided that; I noticed somewhere in that process that he’s based out of The University at Washington which is just 40/miles south of me; so I figured well, that is something I can be involved in and help out with. I just called him up. Actually, called and expecting to get a receptionist of some sort that would screen the call and I’d have to make sure I was the right kind of guy to get through and all that, but no, Dr. Pollock himself answered the phone. It kind of blossomed from there. I just offered whatever services I could. So far, what he’s had me do is:) I’ve had the opportunity to interview eight different Scientists around the world; really high level Scientists in their fields; recorded and edited them down into essentially promotional videos. Then made also a montage video of all of them together. I record/edited each one ‘stand alone’ then as a group. Just as an effort for them to get underway with the Institute and start raising some funds. So, it’s been pretty exciting. I’ve really enjoyed it.
[Ben] Terrific.
Well, in addition to all of that stuff, Bob, you have been “awake” longer than I’ve been alive. So, you’ve been following all this stuff a while and you seem to have similar opinions; one’s that I share when it comes to sort of the ‘Power Structure’ of the Planet. I’m trying to think of where the best place to begin would be. I guess I could preface this to say there is greed and there is corruption amongst powerful people on this Planet, and they don’t always do what they probably should do. But, the whole quote, ‘everything is evil’ mindset that you see on-line a lot of times really does not play out when you’re actually looking at the reality of some of these situations.
I’ll tell you, one of my favorite things to do when I run across people like that (guess this will get us started into the conversation); when everybody’s ranting and raving about Illuminati this or Illuminati that; I’ve come to just start asking the question, ‘Do you know the difference between the Illuminati and the Order of the Illuminati?” I just get crickets or I just kind of get durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr – nothing. And so, I think that’s a pretty good place to be so, as you understand it, Bob, you want to go ahead and maybe talk through some of that. I’m guessing a lot of people don’t know there’s a difference between the Illuminati and the Order of the Illuminati.

[Bob] Yah, I think there’s a little bit of ground work that ought to be established for that. From a Metaphysical perspective, there is a ‘dark force’. And, there is a ‘Light force’, or ‘white force’ depending on how you say it Good and evil in the simplest terms do exist, it’s part of the duality of the entire structure of Human beings and of the Universe. To ignore that the ‘dark forces’ could be organized, that conspiracies could exist is kind of falling in the opposite direction. But, that doesn’t mean that everything is a conspiracy. Now, how do we know that it isn’t just a natural thing or guided by strictly those forces as oppose to guided by Life, limb, blood and flesh – men. Well, we can go to the references and the best one that I’ve seen come along in forever (I’ve been studying this since the age of 13, which is well over 45/years now, I hate to admit); but the best one that has come along which is Carol Quigley’s book, ‘Tragedy and Hope’. He is a historian, and was allowed to examine the papers and the secret archives of so called ‘Master Conspiracy’ for a couple of decades before he wrote the book. He kind of sums it up on page 952. Just prior to this, he’s talking about the various groups and how their controlled, manipulated and that sort of thing and whether or not they actually exist. He says on page 952, quote “In New York, it was known as the Council on Foreign Relations and was a front for J. P. Morgan & Company, in association with a very small American Round Table Group.” So it pretty much let’s you know from the inside they do exist. If we start to think about it logically, conspiracies have existed from the very beginning of recorded history. If we read history, a true ‘Brutus’, I mean its full of conspiracies everywhere. So, the idea that conspiracies are laughable, is kind of new phenomena that’s put through by the hype of the ‘dark forces’.
[Ben] The CIA had a lot to do with that. They essentially were able to successfully create this negative thought about conspiracies in general. Basically to purport that anything that was purported to be a conspiracy was being done by a ‘crazy person’; the CIA was very successful in that regard.
[Bob] Interestingly enough, let’s take 911 as an example, and I’m not going to get into what side or the other anybody’s on, on that issue; but when the mass media comes out and tells you there’s 19/hijackers that took over four planes and did this sort of a thing, and here’s what all directed out of Afganistan, and came from Afganistan, that’s a pretty amazing conspiracy theory , and yet the Americans don’t think twice when Bush gets on the TV and says, Iraq and outrageous conspiracy theories. So, it’s not only that they label………
CALL DROPS ………….. (in middle of sentence)
[Ben] Well, that was fun to get our call dropped right in the middle of a sentence.
Bob, you were beginning to talk about how conspiracies really work. Let’s see if you can get through it now.

[Bob] I was about to illustrate that with an example. I think we can all remember back in a day when we were in school, taking a test of some sort and we come across a question that we don’t agree with the way the teacher taught that. Either the question itself is in an opinion form, or it’s about something we don’t buy into. I’ll say it’s from science, or history, or any number of things. And so, what do we do as a student? We don’t put down on the test paper what we really think. We put down what the teacher wants to hear – what we think the teacher taught in terms of facts and how things work, in order to get a good grade. Now, if you run that uphill, from the bottom up, ass I was describing, the teacher doesn’t necessarily believe in that crap either. But, that’s the curriculum that’s been given to them. If they want a chance at all in a position of Vice Principle, or Principle of a School, or Board of Education, or anything higher than teacher level, they go along with teaching a curriculum they were handed. the Principle doesn’t necessarily buy into that crap either. He wants to move upstream. So, you see how this works is just a matter of a whole lot of human beings not having the moral fortitude to do what’s right, but they do what’s in their own best interest. And, so it does not take much to start something in terms of a very tiny idea at the very top end, and then, let the natural forces of human nature take over do the thing. So, does that mean they’re all involved in a conspiracy? No, they’re really not, they are just trying to get ahead in life. Most of them are honest people in general, but maybe in a few areas they let it slide. As they work up in position, they’ll get further and further.
Now, the second attribute of keeping these conspiracies going, is that they do it in rings, and it’s kind of on a ‘need to know basis’. Much like the Masons, though I don’t believe that the Mason’s rang a ‘dark side’ conspiratorial deal – it is a Secret Society because they’ve got something there to protect. So as you move up in the ranks of ‘Degree of Masonry’ your filled in with further and further details of what the real thing is; the other rings don’t know. So, I would say that 90% or better of people that are members of The Council on Foreign Relations have no idea that what they’re doing is contributing to a direction that the very, very few, and very inner core of that organization wish to guide the system in. Then you have differing factors as well. The Council on Foreign Relations is only one. There are, you see, over a period of time you’ll see a lot of in-fighting going on even amongst the ‘black hats’, so to speak. Because, ‘what’s that expression’, there’s no honor amongst thieves. And so, they’re all scrambling for the top. Well, again, isn’t that just the same thing of human nature, all scrambling for the – to make their way up to even more circles as they go. In my mind, that’s kind of clear. Maybe I’d better stop and see if anybody has any questions at this point. This kind of sets a basis for; they do exist, how they work – more accurately, then you can kind of take a look at some of the machinations of how this is put into play; what some of the problems are. Mostly it’s the same exact problems we run into with the Sciences. That is, human beings are, human nature being what it is, we suffer from a few things that we just can’t seem to get past. Personally, I think it’s just a level of consciousness of the human species and that has more to do with the time more than anything else – but that’s just my personal opinion. We suffer from cognitive dissonance – very badly. Out of that, we tend to do some things through sloppy thinking, i.e., ‘blame the tool, rather than the mind using the tool.’ We also tend to apply principles or information universally when it really shouldn’t be. And that were we get into, Ben what you were starting to talk about, the difference between the Illuminati, which is just a ‘free agent’. There are many, many more organizations that refer to themselves as Illuminati, or in some way use that name. The term itself, is just the Latin term meaning ‘Enlightened’ which means has some sort of Esoteric knowledge. It’s generally thought of as a negative word but it’s not – it’s a neutral word. You can be enlightened in terms of having beneficial knowledge – esoteric as it is, or, non-beneficial knowledge. That’s kind of another thing, as human beings we tend to apply a negativity or a positivity to things when they’re really neutral. That’s why I say they blame the tool, rather than the mind using the tool. So, the Illuminati being ‘enlightened’; oxi-groups use it. In 1776, a guy named Adam Weishaupt, formed in Bavaria (part of Germany at that time), within the rank of the Masons – Free Masons (here’s another thing, there’s no difference between the Masons and Free Masons – it’s just made short for the proper name Free Masons) they started within that group; he called it what was referred to as the ‘Order of the Illuminati”. The Order of the Illuminati was intended to gather those within that particular branch of Free Masonry in that area together with ‘like mind’ to accomplished certain things. They’re out of Bavaria along with some other Secret Societies not too long after that, but it flourished and grew and I think that the delineation can be shown that it’s still l around today. But, through things like what Carol Quigley talks about in ‘Tragedy and Hope’ – through Council on Foreign Relations, through Tri-lateral Commission and that sort of thing. So it’s really not a Free Masonry thing. It boggles my mind – this will give you an idea of the cognitive dissonance that we have. Now, does everybody understand the term and what that means? Should I define it?
[Ben] That may be helpful, yah.
[Bob] Cognitive dissonance is basically when the discord you will arrive at in your own mind by having two thoughts that are mutually exclusive concepts or one cannot exist when the other does in terms of facts or anything like this, but yet you accept them in some way. For example, you want to lose some weight, and so what you do in cognitive dissonance is reduce things down into kind of four different avenues of direction that you’ll go.
First avenue would be to change the behavior of the cognition – which is to say I will not eat donuts anymore. You know the object is you want to lose weight. So you just change your behavior that’s the best way to do it. Of course that’s just not what human beings typically do.
Another way would be to justify the cognition by changing the conflicting cognition. In other words saying, “I’m allowed to cheat every once in a while, and so go ahead and eat the donut.” I still want to lose weight, but I want to eat the donut. Wow, that’s the conflict, so how do you ally for that.
Another, a third way is to justify the behavior of the cognition by adding new cognitions. So that would be something like, ok, I’ll eat the donut, but I’ll spend an extra 30/minutes in the gym and work it off.
Then the final way is to ignore or deny any information that conflicts with the existing belief. That’s what most people do. That’s why you have the Faith, Hope, and Belief of all the Religions and everything else. Nobody wants to take in what counters what they think they know. So that would be something like saying, Well, this donuts not high fat, therefore it’s ok. Well, that’s not accurate, so we get all of our inaccurate information by – most everybody goes to the ignore or deny when the cognitive dissonance starts to set in. So how does that play out with these? Well, remember I mentioned a little earlier that we tend to try to apply things universally. And so, here we have somebody who learns about the Order of the Illuminati being started within the Free Masonry of Germany back in 1776, so naturally, they want to apply that to all Free Masons. And so now what happens is – well, wait a minute, our Founding Fathers were all Free Masons – most of them.
[Ben] Yah, the people who made the Constitution.
[Bob] And, they weren’t quiet about it. Washington, D.C. is laid out in it. Everything’s there. So, now we want to think on the one hand that they were a unique example in history of setting up truly an enlightened, advanced free society. Meaning it was literally the first Republic in all of recorded history that said our Rights come from the Creator, not from Government. That was very unique, that made a big difference in the perspective of how the Republic was starting. So, here we have this on the one hand – these Founding Fathers doing these Great Works of putting together a Freedom that has rarely been seen on Earth; and which flourished for 50/years really before it started degrading and 150/yrs. before it degraded to a point which you could no longer recognize it as the original Republic. And yet, they were Free Masons. So now if Free Masonry is part of the Illuminati – and that’s all bad because how do we settle this cognitive dissonance in our brains of the Founding Fathers? On the one hand, people will say gosh, you know, we’re USA, Number #1, the Greatest Country in the World. One the other hand, Founding Fathers were all Free Masons. They’re part of the conspiracy. They created this evil empire. Well, you know, you can’t have it both ways. So, you have to kind of gear people to thinking in different ways than the typical human nature ways. And, that’s kind of tough.
[Ben] Yah, it certainly is. I’ll have to work through a little bit of feedback I’m getting on your end Bob.
[Bob] Ok, I’ll sit back a little bit from the microphone.
[Ben] And, by the way, I thought it was interesting you came through really, really clearly when you were talking about donuts, but when you mentioned the Order of the Illuminati, Skype actually glitches in and out a few times for me.
Before we get back into some of the details ……….
[Bob] Let’s not apply that universally, it’s only when I mentioned the Order of the Illuminati, not when I mentioned the…
[Ben] Yah, right, right, that’s funny, I like that… I was happy when you brought up the Free Masons and stuff. I actually happen to know just a couple of them, but they don’t do much what I would call Free Masonry stuff – they’re big into the Shiners’ aspect of it. If I may, if I’m not mistaken, you have to be a Free Mason to be a Shriner, right?
[Bob] I believe that’s correct, yes.
[Ben] I’m trying to think of something bad the Shriners’ have ever done, and I’m not sure there is any. If anybody doesn’t know what the Shriners’ are, they basically, in addition to wearing funny hats and driving around on motor cycles – maybe not even motor cycles – little scooter things, they basically just help Children’s Hospitals. There’s a truly benign effort to this. Free Masons in general – I hear all the time – you’re not allowed to tell anyone you are a Free Mason, yada yada. Why do they wear rings and put that (G) on their cars then? I mean, you guys have all seen this, right – people drive around with the stuff widely – easily displayed for everyone to see. It really kind of flies in the face of a lot of the conspiracies and other things you hear like that.
Taking it one step further, Billy, you really got my mind going in a direction on this when you were talking about what the actual Free Masons symbol is. Do you want to say a few words about that actually?
[Billy] The compass and square?
[Ben] Yah.

[Billy] Well that’s the architect of design, that’s literally the Sacred geometry that we know was created by those two tools there. That’s literally the two tools you need to have in order to create everything we have now today. After Mind, comes the first two tools. Different minds, separate thought.
[Ben] In a SHTF situation, what are the tools you’ll need to rebuild the world? A compass and a square.
[Billy] First off.
[Ben] You really start to get into the proper idea here, the proper idea in my opinion, one that I agree with strongly; a lot of this secret society stuff is protected, important knowledge. That sort of ties into the last Deeper Look video that we did which we can mention after we go through stuff.
Bob, can you talk a little more about what the Order of Illuminati is. You sort of mentioned it was formed out of the Free Masons there, but how is that distinctly different from Universal thought of the Illuminati that people have?
[Bob] Well, it kind of goes back to that thing I was talking about where human beings tend to try to apply things universally. I’m trying to think of an example. A real simple example – you get out on the playground at a school yard, and I guess we develop all kinds of ways of dealing with life, on the playground of the school yard. You have groups of people that tend to be a little cliquish for example. Now, one group might be cliquish and try to figure how to destroy the reputation of all or certain people within the class. The other group might get together and say well, we all want to be cheerleaders, we don’t want these other – we want to cheer the school on and make sure that we win in sports – that sort of thing. So basically what you see there is a description of one organization – the school, wherein within that organization you have a ‘dark side’ and an upper kind of ‘light side’. The ‘dark side’ wants to do nefarious things. But, that doesn’t mean everybody in that school wants to do nefarious things. So, extend that out to something like Free Masons. Within any organization, I don’t care how large or small it is, you’re going to have some people that are greedy, want to make use of the knowledge for their own personal gain – all kind of improper activities according to a higher level of consciousness thinking. But, that’s not most of them. Most of them probably want to do whatever the platform of the organization is, what it was founded for and treat their fellowmen properly and everything else. So, you just can’t take and put all of these attributes of the ‘dark side’ universally over everybody that’s in that organization. That’s why when e Order of the Illuminati was started within Free Masonry, we have to be able to recognize – dig down to the core of – don’t blame the tool, blame the mind behind the tool. The Organization is just a tool. But, like the gun is just a tool, blame the mind that pulled the trigger – not the gun. And, that’s what’s interesting, whenever it’s a bomber, they blame the bomber. But whenever it’s a shooting, they blame the gun. So, another example of how the so called ‘Powers that be’ manipulate things in such a way to get u all thinking in the wrong direction.
[Ben] So, why is it that we should differentiate the Order of the Illuminati from the rest of the Illuminati? What is it that that Order was set up for, because I think that we’re driving towards this idea that while we can’t apply all of this stuff, there are those ‘dark forces’ and the Order of the Illuminati, rather than the Illuminati as a whole – Free Masons as a whole may actually be some of that ‘dark force’.
[Bob] Yah, and I believe so. It’s a matter of the interpretation of the historical ban which is really scant in that regard because they were secret. I believe that the delineation of the Order of the Illuminati did come down through the European Round Table Groups that Carol Quigley talks about and eventually into the Council on Foreign Relations and the CFR and some of those things. Proving that is another – is a bit of a tough thing you have to do. You have to sort of … – it’s kind of like the duck principle. Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and so surrounded by a bunch of ducks, it’s probably a duck. That’s kind of the gist you get out of it by viewing that. Actually Ben, it’s not all that important at this point. Because, it’s really more, let’s figure out how to discern ourselves from the organizations or the delineation in history or any of that stuff. And, let’s figure out how to change the way we think, so that we don’t fall into the same trap of these natural human ways of dealing with the cognitive dissonance. In fact, how we can say, we’re not going to eat the donut, and want to lose weight, so we have to change our structure, we have to change our view.
There’s a bunch of other organizations we haven’t mentioned yet that can be tossed in here like:), The Rosicrucian’s, the Knights of Malta, the Knights Templar, there’s some parallels there – there some delineation of group performing from one to the next. Actually, the Knights of Malta, and Knights Templar are good examples. You know, the Knights of Malta I think were original. The Knights Templar came out of that. Or, they were a parallel beginning. There is some connection there that I’m not really sure about with them. But, they were the first responders – they were the first EMT’s, the first fire department. In fact, every fire department, every EMT emblem across the country has the Maltese Cross built into it. he Rosicrucian’s were slightly different. They were started 100/years later, but they’re basically there to bring forth Sacred, Mystic Knowledge. I think mainly the Religious folks got after them, put a ban on them because they deal with Mysticism and Alchemy. I’m not talking about the Alchemy of turning lead into gold, I’m talking about turning your Consciousness into a higher level. That sort of thing. It’s partly, I think another element of it we kind of have to watch for is it’s partly a matter of those who really are in the ‘dark forces’ and really are starting these snow balls rolling down hill all over the place, to get us distracted; hide in plain sight what better way to do it than to throw out. Even though the Order of the Illuminati started within the Masonry, in Bavaria. Let’s give them this trade word, ‘Illuminati’. Give them the – the Free Masonry as the bad guys. Getting them all arguing over that and they won’t pay attention to what we’re doing. So, it’s really a matter of let’s get on with finding out where the real ‘dark forces’ are and learn how to understand how our minds are being manipulated by those who are in those ‘dark forces’.
[Ben] That was one of the most beautifully stated examples; that’s exactly what they did with HAARP. Seriously, even though people know that HAARP only applies to the high frequency Auroral station in Gakona, and that the other ones have different names and that they’re not really using the same technology any more, they gave us the word HAARP. People just refused to stop using that on-line. Meanwhile, who knows where they’ve actually taken this. I’m pretty sure they originally, when they figured out that they might be able to use this type of wave propagations and other things like that to use the weather, they figured out pretty quickly, low frequency works a lot better than high frequency. But, they gave us the word – HAARP. And now, I’m pretty sure they’ve moved even out of the low frequency and they are probably using satellites and other things like that. But, what you just said is a perfect example of that and you’re right, they just do this over and over again, and they just hide in plain sight.
[Bob] What we’ve have to do is learn how to recognize what’s being done and quit going after the trigger words and just ignore the trigger words, and start thinking in a deeper level about what’s being said. I’ve got a pretty good example here of where it has been taken, if you can bear with me, if don’t mind.
[Ben] Go ahead.
[Bob] It’s a bit off the subject of everything you’ve talked about so far, and it gets into the world of economics. But, they mess with our language. They not only give us these trigger words or buzz words (and we’ve got to learn to start ignoring those and thinking for ourselves) but they mess with the language to the point where we can’t even communicate with each other because we don’t know what we’re seeing. The word that comes to mind, that’s easiest for me to demonstrate is the word inflation. Now, pretty much everybody uses that term now to mean rising prices, right? But let me give you some insight of where that’s gone and I believe these words are being manipulated purposely, but again through the mechanism of the editors want to get a better position so they go along, etc. It’s not like somebody says, look, the dictionaries are going to change the meaning of this word over this amount of time and here’s how you’re going to change it, it’s all a matter of orders from above. It’s all clammering from below.
But, I have here on my desk three references. First is, the Webster’s Seventh Collegiate Dictionary printed in 1971, the year I graduated. Here is the definition of ‘inflation’:) An increase in the volume of money and credit relative to the available goods, resulting in a substantial and continuing rise in the general price level. Pretty plain, right? Now, what’s interesting is if you go to the second dictionary that I have which was printed in 1995, and under inflation, it says:) the steady rise in the level of prices, related to an increased volume of money and credit, resulting in the loss of value of currency. So the first step that they did is they reversed the order. Instead of saying as was in the 1971 dictionary that is the increase the supply of money and credit in the marketplace, resulting in high prices , here they’re saying it’s higher prices that are generated from their increase. Well, the problem is when you are changing the meaning of a word you kind of have to do it a little slowly, so first they get the mind thinking in terms of the higher prices rather than the increase supply of currency in the marketplace. So you see no where that went?
Now, the third reference I have is on-line. It’s the on-line Webster’s Dictionary, and it says:) Inflation, a continual increase in the price of goods and services.
[Ben] That’s all it says?
[Bob] Well, that’s all that most people are going to read. Because, they set it up so that they have the short version up at the top and what they call the full definition down below. But most people are just going to read that “the continual increase in price of goods and services”. So between 1971 and now, it’s totally reversed and it’s taken away the issuance of currency causing this. And so, if you read the full definition, it’s much like the ’95 version. The continual rise in the general price level, usually attributed to an increase in volume of money and credit, relative the available goods and services. Ok, so they still have it kind of backwards because they are emphasizing the price levels rather than the volume of money but here’s where the cognitive dissonance get’s into it. First off, the on-line dictionary, the only short version a continual increase in the price of goods and services is what most people read. But if they do go further and they read this and they say ok, by increasing the volume of money, now who creates the money? Government, right? But under the examples of the use of the word, they use this sentence:) the Government has been unable to control inflation. Oh, wait a minute. Aren’t they the ones causing it? Don’t they have to simply STOP increasing the supply of money to STOP inflation? Why are they unable to control it. So there’s a cognitive dissonance built in to our language structure all over the place.
[Ben] I’ve had first hand understanding of that. When you’re talking about cell biology, and when you’re talking about what a lipid by layer will do, they talk about hydrophobic sides and hydrophilic sides. When you’re talking in terms of some of the proteins that stick out of a cell, we talk in terms of cationic and anionic. And when we’re talking in the terms of electromagnetism, we have positive and negative. Well essentially, cationic, anionic, hydrophobic, hydrophilic, these are just – they’re a little bit more complex expressions of positive and negative, but they are indeed expressions of positive and negative. And, you know, if you can extrapolate this one example, essentially, when everything boils down to that positive and negative but we’ve given it all these different terms based on the sector of Science that we are currently talking about, it makes it difficult for Specialists in different fields to come together. Because, they don’t understand what the other one’s talking about. And, it makes it harder to draw conclusions and everything like that. I remember just trying to ask these questions about what some of these words meant. And, at the end of it, I flat out said, so it all comes down to positive and negative. The response was, yah, it’s slightly complex forms of that but yah, in a sense it all comes down to whether positive or negative is being expressed. I found that that has really clouded a lot of the understanding. This is what I trained for, this is what I did for a living. When I was faced with trying to pull together things in Biology, things in Chemistry and the electrostatic interaction between a Human Cell and a Pathogen, if I can’t quickly wrap my head around something like this, then we have a real problem with getting people to really fully understand how all this stuff works. We really have taken language and in some ways turned it against ourselves.
[Bob] You know in particular, the reason why I like to use the term ‘inflation’ as an example is because it’s such a good example over kind of a broad area. There’s a famous quote by Thomas Jefferson, which by the way he never said. But it’s still used all the time, and quoted as if he had. That is:) “If the American people ever allowed private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them would deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless in the Continent their Fathers conquered.” Now, he never actually said that, but it’s quoted often in the economic realms about the banks and whatnot. But, the point of me bringing this up, and even though he never said that, I wanted to use it as an example because it is being used is that, if you understand that inflation is not the rising prices but rather the increase in supply of money and credit in the marketplace. Then, what he’s really saying is first by money expansion, then by money contraction, the banks will do these things. And that’s a wholly different mental frame of mind than thinking in terms of: first, higher prices, then lower prices. Do you see what I’m saying?
So, it’s a cause effect kind of thing and that’s why this is really important. It also is one of those words that also gets us into the sloppiness of being use to. Don’t forget, the ‘dark forces’, where they do apply their influence do rely on certain mind control, certain ways of getting us use to allowing cognitive dissonance to go on and just rationalize around it. And, so this is a good example. This word makes a good example of that to because if you think about it, what is inflating? Inflating is a physical property. It’s making something expand. Right? You cannot do a physical thing to a concept, and a price is a concept, not a physical thing. You can’t hand me $5.98. You can hand me a piece of paper that says $5.98 on it, but you can’t hand me $5.98. It’s a concept. So, you can no more inflate the price of something than you can inflate a color of something. And yet, we see it day in and day out and all the pundits of the Stock Markets and the Economic World use it routinely, without even stopping to think that this is a nonsense that they’re saying. So, it’s one of those things that just an example of all the various things. It’s just like when we learn in school that we’re a Democratic Republic, well, no, if you think about it, the Democracy and Republicanism is mutually exclusive concepts. Democracy, everybody gets to vote, the majority wins. Whatever the majority wants, they win. If there were a Republic, it’s by Law, whatever the basis of that fundamental concept of your Law is in this Country, the Republic was formed as a ‘Protector’ of the Natural Rights that people already possess. That made it unique in all of Republics around history, because Republics can be just as oppressive as a Monarchy. In fact, Republican form of government, is the most common form of government in the world. But, their starting place, their foundation is based on control of the population rather than protection of the populations natural rights, like ours. So, the Law exists based on a fundamental – that means that no matter, you can have 99:1 vote for something and if it doesn’t fit the fundamental nature of the Law, it doesn’t fly. So, it’s impossible to have their mutually exclusive concepts, you cannot have a Democratic Republic.
[Ben] Yah, and consequently we do not have a Democratic Republic.
[Bob] Right. And our Republic is being turned into an oligarchy because of the Laws, and the ignoring of those in control of what the foundation wants. All of this has been going on for a long time. When Windrow Wilson took us into WWI saying, making the statement making the world safer for Democracy, the people of that era laughed. It was like, what are you talking about dude, this is a Republic, not a Democracy, and we know the difference. But, it starts there. Pretty soon, here with all these generations later, everybody not only things that we are a Democracy, but always have been and should be. But, if you think about it and here’s another cognitive dissonance going on with that. What is the main claim that people make when they promote or defend Democracy as a form of government? It’s because it’s self rule. Well, wait a minute, if it’s majority vote and everyone out there is voting, then everybody is ruling over everybody. How do you get self rule out of all of your neighbors ruling over you and you ruling over all of your neighbors at the same time. How do you get self rule out of all that? People don’t stop to think long enough to put the pieces together.
[Ben] Well, I think that a good way to sum up a lot of humanity all over the world is that most people are not like us and folks who are going to end up listening to this – most people just don’t think for themselves. Anyway, this has been a terrific FOTW. We’re going to have to pick this back up at some point because it’s a fascinating topic. Bob, thanks for coming on, Dave, thanks for coming on as well and Billy, Trevor, Xaviar always good to talk to you as well.
As always, we’ll keep our eyes on everything. Be safe everyone.