November 9, 2013: S0, Mr2tuff2 (Billy), Xaviar Thunders, Star0bservers

Various Topics:

UFOs: SuspectSky (Adrian) joins us for this portion.

I’ll come back to electricity on a micro level some other time.

November 2, 2013: S0, Mr2, Xaviar Thunders, Scott (HyperReport), Eric Schroeder

October 26, 2013: One of the most random discussions I have ever been a part of.

October 19, 2013: Scott (HyperReport), Mr2tuff2, S0, Eric Schroeder, Jerry Estrada, Stephen Shaw, TheNightman

October 12, 2013: Mr2tuff2, S0, Xaviar Thunders, Jerry Estrada

October 5, 2013: Mr2tuff2, S0, TheNightman, Xaviar Thunders, Jerry Estrada, Eric Schroeder

S0 Loses Cool a Bit on Some Unpleasant/Unusual Topics [explicit language, cultural maturity required]

Of Weather and Fulfillment of Predictions (Picking up where I began in the first video but never got back to)

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