Update: 7:50pm Eastern Time
Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 7.50.22 PM
…and there’s the instability. If you look at the speed of the solar wind, you might also agree about the potential for this to the coronal hole stream.

Update: 5:30pm Eastern Time

Earthquake Condition Index: B+
The condition is still high, but the earth facing coroanl hole is no longer equatorial, and the impacting space weather is not proliferative to shaking at peak density, speed, or KP index. It would be nice to get some quiet after this current uptick.

Solar Notes: Each of the sunspots is underperforming, but this is nothing for the solar magnetic shutdown. I am beginning to spot some note-worthy filaments on the disk – which are an eruption threat regardless of how the sunspots are behaving. Perhaps see how many YOU can find, and then use ISWA’s filament plot to see how well you did! I recommend using the 193A or 211A. The 171A is good on the limbs but you will miss any that are more-earth-facing.