Update #2: 7:20pm Eastern Time
Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 7.17.41 PM
We have had four M5 earthquakes in this area in the past few hours. Three of those have been on the Carlsberg Ridge. The global watch remains B+ but we have SERIOUS foreshock signatures in the Northwest Indian Ocean.

Update #1: 4:55pm Eastern Time

Earthquake Condition Index B+
Coronal Hole, Neptune/Solar Conjunction. We cannot raise the watch any more without coronal hole power. So far the baseline tremors have ticked up but TODAY we see that this current watch may not be too exciting.

Solar Notes: All three major active regions on the disk are worth monitoring. The double M flare from 2 separate regions is one of the rare chain-reaction-flare scenarios, and is one of the best evidences for an electric solar model, IMO.

EXPECTED SOLAR UPTICK – the heliocentric planetary positions favor increased solar activity between now and the middle of March (not to mention the return of some major sunspots)