Deeper Look – Episode 15

To begin, I will assume most of you have at least heard about the major ‘discovery’ of gravity waves by LIGO. So let’s begin with the polar opposite side of the spectrum – someone who loathes this news and isn’t shy about saying so. After that, we will discuss the middle of the road, where I like to make my nest.

Angry (but Awesome) Video about GW Discovery

His most interesting points (which I have yet to fully investigate):

1) The alleged gravity wave measured by 2 black holes 1.3 BILLION light years away, was 1000 times smaller than the width of an atomic nucleus, and stretched over 4km. BEN: If true, this is an absurdly ridiculous figure.
2) The result came in the engineering phase, not the science phase. BEN: If true, it is a big chink in the armor.
3) Before a discovery is considered valuable it must be repeated and confirmed to conform. BEN: I concur.
** If any of you would like to take on vetting those claims, I would greatly appreciate it. I do not plan on doing further analysis until we get another reading – but we ALL would appreciate the effort, and I would share it w/credit for everyone.

Now, for the middle of the road: