The following is the result of a bigoted smear campaign against my family, full of false facts and anti-Semitism.

The charges? I am either (1) an illuminati agent sent to disinform you all, (2) a government agent of the same goal. They also confused a tiny internet marketing and web design company in Pittsburgh called E3 Media (which I helped found while in university) with the megacorporation E3, and drew numerous false conclusions of mass funding of internet manipulation – never realizing they had the wrong company. The Q & A below is essentially a run-down of the questions I get from the videos that still circulate about me, my family, and KAHB.

Q: Do you work with the army/military?
A: No, reports to the contrary are based on a 2009 PTAC e-blast via a program E3 entered for small start-ups struggling to get going: One of the things E3 did in an attempt to grow was use a ‘willing-to-work’ e-blast, and one of the 10s of 1000s of things included was for an Army contract. Believe me, back then we would have jumped at such an opportunity, but alas, no offer was ever presented. You could E3 ‘willing to work’ for thousands of organizations if you entered the right information. It is actually based on what the user searches. The people who published the false reports about me/E3 are experts in internet research – they knew what to type in to make it appear like they had uncovered some conspiracy… which is somehow visible to the public on the internet.

Q: Is E3 a multi-million dollar company?
A: Even those who knew we were not the mega corp E3 had doubts… Reports of our E3′s success are greatly exaggerated based on a business fact reporting website that has a minimal option for the revenue metric of $1-5 Million; 1000s of companies on that site are in the red but still are listed in that lowest category. E3 has not made that much money in its entire history. Also, most companies have a burn rate around 70%, so take those revenue numbers and give them a big slash (remember they are inflated to begin-with). I left E3 in 2010 and have had no further involvement other than letting them build this website, but as my childhood best friend runs the business now, I have first-hand knowledge of his revenues and business location. One of the most hilarious aspects of the smear campaign was that I had some secret connection to E3… when I was featured on their website as a founder and their logo was on my website from day one, proudly. That’s still my best friend running the company, I’ve never hidden it for one day.

Q: Why do you think people should pay for information they can find for free?
A: First, nobody is paying for the information they can find publicly for free; all links to the longer series videos will be provided publicly, for free, so that all the information used is not only available, but nicely organized and in one place so you don’t have to look for it. Second, the cost of the membership is based mostly on opinionated content found in the Fly on the Wall segments, longer series videos, unique evening news presentations, and the private forum (a monitored place for discussion without the trolls).

Q: What is your connection to Hollywood?
A: My sister’s dream was to be in movies; she and my father went out there in the late 2000s and attempted to make a few movies. None made the theaters, but Boy Toy and Holiday Heist can be found on DVD if you look for them. Contrary to reports, their company is relatively new, has no movies that made theaters, and is no longer making movies. I consider this connection to be peripheral at best; I took no part in this endeavor nor received any funds. However, I am proud of my sister for following her dream and my father for supporting his daughter. Interestingly, since the smear campaign tried to say my family is all about Hollywood, I felt like rubbing it back in their faces, so I’m hitting the road in the Mobile Observatory (link in the menu above) and making a documentary… hopefully I get a TV show and then we can all really laugh at those bullies.

Q: Where do your ‘donations’ go?
A: All donations are collected by KAHB LLC and put into a general fund for those who cannot afford membership. No ‘money for nothing’ – every cent helps someone else. The overall funds from this website go towards covering the costs of the site and as my ‘salary’ – this is me following my dream. A report that donations go to my father are false, and are based on his being my registered agent, the agent for KAHB – he lives comfortably (I wish I got some of that, but that’s not his style – I have to earn it) and he doesn’t need donations, he has worked hard his entire life as a businessman, and deserves every penny he has earned. As the agent for KAHB, he technically works for me.

Q: Is HAARP closed?
A: No. This question often arises from a misconstrued comment I made in relation to the secret  programs and Air Force control of the facility being decommissioned, which occurred several years ago. What was not ‘made viral’ was the rest of the conversation explaining that the facility was never closed nor did it halt operations. In a failed attempt to quash the false rumors, I made a video explaining that DARPA funds private contractors at the site now — this work is not secret, and is published regularly and shared via numerous outlets within this very community. My efforts to mitigate insanity were in vain.

Q: Can you help me make a viral video?
A: No. E3 can assist you in those efforts if that is your goal, but I am not a part of those services or any service provided by E3. I have never used these services but the formula and process E3 uses is sound, in my opinion. For the record, I have 175,000 subscribers and no videos with even 500,000 views (March2014) – which means I technically have zero viral videos.

The individuals who propagated the lies and rumors about me and KAHB have stopped doing so for months. They were sent a good deal of information on the truths expressed here and all of a sudden the attacks stopped. You decide, and if you got this far, you know how to ask me about any other concerns you have.