August 21, 2013:

Evening News: August 21, 2013 iSWA > Ionosphere Tab > Panel 1 > Far Left

Earthquake Watch Score: 6. Trending Upward. I should not have kept the watch low this morning, when the Mexico quake came on the feed I went immediately to iSWA and saw that the ionosphere had it’s disturbance from 5 to 8 UTC. The watch score should have moved up at that time. The coronal holes, mercury about to conjoin the sun, and the spaceweather all make for the upward trend in watch score.

August 20, 2013:

Evening News: August 20, 2013 & Spaceweather 102 HW Assignment (Optional, Obviously)

Earthquake Watch Score: 5. We are definitively between coronal holes, but spaceweather is on the way the full moon is afoot. The watch could even be called a 4 right now, with potential for a quick upswing by morning.

August 19, 2013:

Evening News: August 19, 2013

Earthquake Watch Score: 6 to 7. Earth-facing coronal hole waning, spaceweather on the way, Ceres/Sun Geocentrically Conjoined and more to come.

August 18, 2013:

Evening News: August 18, 2013

Earthquake Watch Score: 7. Earth-facing coronal hole does not have a big umbral opening, Ceres/Sun Geocentrically Conjoined.

August 17, 2013:

Evening News: August 17, 2013

Earthquake Watch Score: 7 to 8. Earth-facing coronal hole, energetic flux, ring-of-fire uptick.

August 16, 2013:

Evening News: August 16, 2013

Earthquake Watch Score: 7. The back to back coronal holes and the geoeffective spaceweather make tonight’s score elevated. Expected to remain high for a few days.

August 15, 2013:

Evening News: August 15, 2013

Earthquake Watch Score: 5 to 6. We have had our uptick for this watch, and while there remains a chance for larger quakes, the primary endpoint of this system has been met for this coronal hole.

August 14, 2013:

Evening News: August 14, 2013 — Also available on Youtube

Earthquake Watch Score: 7 to 8. The uptick may continue or we may have gotten past this one, either way the coronal hole is still earth-facing and the solar wind speed is rising.

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August 13, 2013:

Evening News: August 13, 2013