December 14, 2020

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  • ElementOrange

    I have always imagined it similar to regenerative braking in electric cars. I am sure that the sun is able to generate a large enough electric field to slow, or stop the earth’s rotation due to EM field interactions – throwing the brakes on!

    • David Droescher

      The car analogy
      when the battery gets full and brakes go away kaboom. ( almost wrecked a frends Nissan leaf, when regenerative braking ceased to exist going into a hairpin corner leaving marginal service brakes engineered to work in conjunction with…

      Insted of regen is it more like locomotive Dynamic brake?

      A chasie dynamometer.
      Inducing an eddy current through actuve electric braking that consumes power (think chassis dyno using three-phase AC Eddy currents to resist the input from the engine) if too much of this “resistance” is applied out of phase, then this resistance becomes a motive force in the opposite direction rotation.
      The eddy current induction heating has potential to explain what happens to the lobes that are currently existing causing melting and subsiding and providing a material for the new lodes that are to form at the new North and South Pole locations.

  • Lonestar420

    Howdy SO, i know this is a remedial question for you, but last week during one of your awesome briefings, you stated, if im putting words in your mouth please forgive me, still wrapping my head around this amazing induction topic, but didn’t you mention that the core also has the ability to create the” jerk” we are looking for as well as passing through the current galactic dust ? and if so would we get a double “jerk” or does the galactic current just exacerbate the core, or am i just spouting nonsense?, great work as usual

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