December 1, 2020

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  • Frauleen

    Thanks for the planetary update. The great conjunction of Jupiter- saturn wasn’t mentioned for 21st, but after looking @ this since reading about it, the J-S alignment with Sun looks like it occurred about month ago(Nov 6ish) Does that mean the conjuction of the J-S meet up is from Earth perspective, as you’ve indicated? Seems like Sun perked up as they moved out of alignment from Sun… just trying to understand possible correlations.
    Also, is there history of WHERE on their orbits these two have conjoined as being more influential on solar activity than other locations? This time they have galactic center as a backdrop, with Pluto lurking “closely” as well.

  • kay5elements

    the new moon on the 14th is a solar eclipse, and eclipses are always an alignment of Earth/Moon/Sun orbital planes. By definition that is why the eclipse happens. This is always of powerful resonant significance, including the path across the Earth. Look to Bariloche and upcoming revelations of its significance.

  • Michael Durfee

    Got a little shaky there at the end of the month didn’t it?

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