Earthquake Condition Index: B+

Coronal Holes: B [Transequatorial Opening Enters the Disk] .
Planets: B+ [Primary geometry is relevant] .
Space-weather: B+ [KP 4 on a Solar Wind speed rise] .
Sunspots: Not Significant .

First, we’re on a major filament watch because of those solar tornados. Watch them here.

Second, I am very excited about the new year, the changes coming to the premium content. [detailed during FOTW from yesterday] I am very excited about the things happening in our solar system, but it is a guarded excitement, and an anxious one. I am not sure if many people understand walking the line between ‘informing’ and ‘fear mongering’ like I do, so please take these words with every understanding of where our community has been.

This planet is not going to be a very fun place to live when my child is grown. In May 2015, my wife Kat will give birth, and as I have come to understand this gift over the past few weeks, I have begun to know a fear that I have not felt since I first ‘woke up.’ Presuming that politics, pollution, war, and civil unrest do not throw our world into chaos, the sunlight still struggles to break through onto our potential futures. Presuming that somehow the cooling forces on this planet are balanced in some way and we avoid a major cold, our planet’s magnetosphere is fading, and our magnetic poles are shifting. How can anyone hope to impress upon others the importance and significance of these facts to our way of life – without fear mongering. It means the end of our way of life.

Folks, you are reading this partially because (I think) you believe that what I have to say is important. The things that spawned ludicrous tales of gods battling in the sky, and the stories about magic and demons, are merely misunderstood science – and we’re about to be in a much better position to understand these events.

I’m not going anywhere – I plan to be here every day, like always. I am also keenly aware that what is coming is unlike anything I can imagine, and that I don’t have any clue what brings the hammer down or when. I do have some words of advice, however:

Don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do. If ever and at all possible, bug in – not out. This is not the end of the human race, only what it has become. At some point [and yes it may be years or even decades away] we will be left with only enough to build back from scratch. Hopefully we do better next time.

This is the greatest story ever lived, and what is amazing is we are simply in a re-make. There is no book or movie or tv show that is this exciting. Never have so many angles and so much deception actually occurred over anything- ever. We’ve got front row seats watching this play out… and the best part is- you are the star of the show.

Eyes open, no fear – be safe everyone.